Wednesday, October 07, 2009

When I look in the mirror

This is for mamakat Every Wednesday she gives out assignments that need to be posted on Thursday.

This week, I decided to participate, using the prompt : When I look in the mirror.....

I see a women that is much older than the person making the reflection. In my mind that lady in the mirror still thinks she is in her 20's, yet she is more that twice that, but thankfully, has twice the experience than that 20 year old had.

I see tired eyes, where there used to be bright blue, innocent eyes.

I see wrinkles, and creases, where there used to be pale white, smooth skin, covered in freckles.

I see someone that is worried about growing old and losing her ability to take care of herself. Independence should be cherished.

I see a woman that has always worked, but has been blessed to have work that enabled her to be home when her children hopped off the school bus, and sat at the kitchen table telling her about their days at school. This is a very very grateful woman.

I see a woman that could write at least 2 books about her life. The life that has caused those wrinkles and creases.

I see a woman who has had most of her life dreams fulfilled. Only needing to see her children happily married, and with their own children, to make her life complete.

I see my mother.


kyslp said...

Me too!

Life with Kaishon said...

I think you should start your book right away : )

Your mother was beautiful I am sure and so are you!

Ashlee said...

When I was a few years younger, I would dread being at all like my mother, now I see it in pictures and my sister and I will point it out to each other and it makes us smile. There is no great strength than a Momma :)

... as long as I dont get her wrinkles..

Stoppin' by from Mama Kats :)

My Aimless Infatuation said...

I also feel as you do about many things I see in the mirror,but some morning's all I can think is "WHO THE HELL IS THAT!"

Ina in Alaska said...

I see a happy person who has let life teach her a few things... have a lovely Thursday!! xoxo

junebug said...

Great list.
I totally love the pic of your dogs. My dogs look like that most days. :-)