Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I did today

Okay. Whew, been a long time huh? Yeah, about that...sorry. I have been doing tons and will jot it all down here soon. But, in the meantime I wanted to share with you a letter I wrote this morning to a physician I started working for A WEEK AGO. Yes, I could only stand it one week. People...if you go to a doctor, and you have a test, CALL THE OFFICE for a copy of the report. If they don't call you, it doesn't mean all is peachy. Things fall through cracks, idiots are attracted to doctors office staff positions (ever wonder why every 6 months or year that you go there are new people??)

Anyway.....the letter is as follows. The dark print is the actual letter. The red, I would have loved to add in, but yet was able to restrain my strong desire to do so.

Dear Dr. Needsabettersystem:

I feel the need to explain to you why I am leaving my new position. My first day I was given (a ridiculous) 45 minutes of training, though most of it was spent by my trainer eating, chatting and texting with her cell phone (along with a few trips to the medication room...hmmmmm). Very few of my questions were answered, and I found much (all) of the (little) information she provided was either incorrect or incomplete. I am very surprised that there is not a procedure manual dedicated to your particular desires in regard to your EMRD data entry. (considering this computer system has supposedly be in place for three damn years). While the girls in the office have been helpful, (they too spend extreme amounts of time talking about their various tattoos, piercings, and drug addict baby-daddies), they are very busy with their own responsibilities, and because of that, my training has been haphazard at best, with me having to interrupt them to clarify information. (and when I do ask a question nobody else knows the answer and stare at me and each other like I just told them J.erry Sp.ringer is waiting to interview them).By my third day, I was no further along than on my first day. As a business owner myself, I recognize the value of a dedicated employee, but it is imperative that the employee be sufficiently trained for their position. (I am smart. Make no mistake, one solid day training on a new system program, I would have it nailed). With 20+ years experience in various areas of medical office work, I am more than capable, but I am concerned about the liability of records not being processed correctly and potentially creating a significant issue. (such as the physicians having their asses sued off AGAIN because they missed an extremely abnormal report because nobody knows what the fuck is going on). So, with these concerns, along with others, I resign effective immediately, so as not to waste your time and to allow you to fill the position in a more expedient manner.(with some other chick that can share nipple piercing stories with the rest of the staff, that if they are lucky and put all their knowledge together, would equal one good brain.)