Saturday, September 27, 2008

So much to say

I finally got a program (thank you deathstar!) to download my NYC photos...I worked on it some last night while I was watching the two candidates duke it out. Is it just me or does McC seem to have some passive/aggressive tendencies?? There were a couple times where I was glad he didn't have the nuke button on his podium....he kinda scares me. The VP debate will be very interesting. I have a feeling that lil sara won't fare very well..we shall see. Anyway, I am not loaded with work this weekend so I should be able to post the photos that turned out and the stories that go with them. As for BigD, we (because we all know when someone in the family is having a problem the problem affects the WHOLE family) are going for a CT scan on Monday. He depends on me to explain medical crap to him and I have been holding out on him. I know what could be coming but I haven't shared my knowledge with him completely. He made a joke on Friday about picking out a plot at the cemetery and part of me just collapsed inside. I am one of those people that researches. I research everything, I read labels, I ask questions, rinse, repeat. Also because of my wonderful ability to multitask I can worry about several things at once...yea, lucky me. So, now I have to go get my Saturday errands out of the way, come home and finish the work I have here and then will finally get to posting the fun experiences we had in the eclectic and hectic NYC.....I will be back soon :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Crazy week

I PROMISE that this weekend I will get my NYC photos and stories up. Things have been hectic here and in the middle of everything, BigD gets a call from the doctor that something is amiss in his chest. He went in for a physical about 10 days ago, had to ask for a routine xray, lab etc (the lovely insurance company doesn't believe in preventative medicine...don't even get me started.) Anyway, it appears that BigD has the "appearance of" in his upper lobes and at the costophr.enic angle. This is not good. Now I get to do battle with big insurance carrier about paying for a C.T-S.C.A.N. If you look up these plaque.s they primarily come from exposure to asbesto.s and can take 20 years after exposure to cause problems.....guess who worked in a county building 20 years ago that was torn down and found to be loaded with the stuff?? Wow, good guess, yep it was my hubby. I refuse to go to the worst case scenario but I am armed and ready for battle to get answers. You don't want to cross me when it comes to taking care of my out insurance man, you had better eat your this weekend.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

brief hello

I am back. I had a WONDERFUL time. I have some posts ready to go except somehow I deleted my photo program from my computer so until I can get one (I am looking for free downloads, if anyone has any a girl out.) I can't post my posts because they don't make sense without the photos. I simply cannot believe how many things I did in 4 days. I have never walked so much in my life. Honestly my knees and ankles hurt but it is a good hurt...each creak of my knee reminds me of the trip....very very fun and you will hear all about it once I can locate a program to a side note, why do they not include the CD's any more when you buy a computer?? Oh, wait, I know...that way you have to PAY them again for the same software they put in for free originally...shitheads.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Exactly 168 hours from now I will be meandering the streets of Man.hattan. To say I am excited would be like saying Gusta.v brought in a bit of rain. I cannot begin to express how badly this trip is needed. With 2 kids in college and having been unceremoniously downsized by my biggest client, going to one of the most expensive cities around is probably one of the most ridiculous things I have ever done. I have managed to sock away droplets of cash and should have enough to bargain hunt in, eat some yummy street dogs, (hopefully not the 4 legged kind if I eat in and see some sights. Some of our days BigD has obligations but we are spending a total of 84 hours there so if I limit my sleep, I should have a great time. Like I mentioned before there is another couple going along. I am still concerned about the wife but did have a chance to let her know that they don't need to feel as though they are tethered to us (my very polite way of telling her that we may not want to go some of the places, ie:bars they /she wants to go to) and I am a morning person to her night personality so we may be going in different directions. Honestly I am pretty easy going and I am not afraid to tell them that I am not interested but BigD doesn't like to make waves and once we get somewhere he doesn't like to leave to explore. In past years I have hopped on the sub.way and off I is so much fun. He is just as happy to nap in the hotel or eat in "well known" restaurants. I WILL NOT EAT in a place we have here! I refuse....I want authentic, local food. I may have to take the lead on this trip. I love the Vill.age too. I spent almost 3 hours wandering there and loved the feel, the people and the whole atmosphere. If I were young, single and very rich, you would find me there in a cozy little place above a bakery. I do have tickets to see Liv.e with Re.gis and K.elly which has been fun in the past too. I tried to get them to The V.iew but they book about a year ahead. The studio where LWR&K is shot is a small cozy place and much more personal. One year came over to me in the audience and when the producers were counting down back to live, he forgot to let go of my hand and started to take me up in front of the camera with him..we both busted out laughing when we realized he was still holding my hand when the count was 5,4, 3... So, if any of you (Dr. Deb, Mel, EVI) have any suggestions or know anyone in Man.hattan that could turn me onto some good food, or play tickets or anything at all....feel free to spill your guts.