Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thanks to the Independent Urologist

Thanks to IU for a post that triggered my memory. Awhile back I was looking to add someone to my staff and put the usual word out. I was contacted by an acquaintance that told me she forwarded my website and email to a friend of a friend...etc. Anyway what follows is THE ACTUAL letter (email) I received from this applicant. I saved it to read on those days when I need a good head shaking moment. I will delete or alter any identifying information but I will not alter any of her actual letter--for your benefit, I will highlight most of the errors: Hi *&^%, Thanks for getting in touch with me, it makes me that much more excited to get started. Im taking the home schooling medical transcription course threw education direct online. From wat i understand i will get a certificate to be able to start working, then after i work for 2-3 years i can take the AAMT licenced test to become a licenced MT? Well i guess my biggest fear is that i have already put so much work and money into the course and i have been looking for compnays to work threw that allows you to work from home, but i cant find any. Most of them require expierience as a transcriptionist in an office/hospital setting. I am in my last anatomy class then ill take transcription 101 and be done with the schooling. I know this field requires lots and lots of hard work and long hours but i enjoy working hard. Its almost a sence of acomplishment. I live in *&^%$#. I just got married july 4th and my husband is in *&^%$#. They are roomates, so thats how me and *&^%started taking. I lived in orlando and just moved here in august. I do like )(*&^ though. I do however have some expierience with medical records. When i was 14 i volenteered at the hospital in the heart center .. filing and pulling records and also making new records. My parents work in the *&^%$ field for hte goverment and i always volenttered at there work doing the same thing with medical records. I want to start as soon as possible though. I feel that the only way im gonna learn is by doing it hands on and threw repitition. I do want to work from home though but i dont mind working for someone or a company. I would work fulltime though but i cant say that ill be perfect at it at first but i know ill improve with expierience. I think that after i have learned enough to start on my own several years down the road i might venture out and try to be self contracted or even start having people work for me, such as yourself. But in time, of course. My daughet is very well behavied for two.. As long as u give her something to do (color, puzzles, books, toys, ect) she will be quite for hours, so i dont have it to bad with her. plus im living with my husbands parents and they help alot. another question i have... once im getting started ill have to purchase a head set, foot pedal, software, where is a good place to get this stuff? my phone number is %^&*()& for my cell and the house phone number is )(*&^%$ is the house number witch has long distance but i dont want to run my parents in law's phone bill up. thank you so much for getting in touch with me and giving me advice, i really apricate everything you can do. Yes folks..the above young lady wanted me to think about hiring her. I fretted for quite some time about what to tell her and decided that I would not blow smoke up her butt--I would tell her the truth. I told her she first needed to take a course at her local vocational school in grammar including the basics as she may have missed a few things while she was in school. She also needs to learn to use her computer to her advantage utilizing her spelling and grammar checker. The other thing I made clear was that she probably should think about a different line of work/education. I was kind but very firm. This poor girl has already been taken to the cleaners paying for the classes she already took...and I would say they were a waste of time, wouldn't you?? I cannot imagine ANY physician hiring this girl or any transcription company for that matter. It drives me crazy when I see these ads that tell people they can make $50,000 per year after they complete a 6 month course..Folks..IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! The girls I hire ALL have years of medical experience behind is essential! I even have nurses working for me. These are legal documents and mistakes and errors just cannot happen. All of my physicians know that when they are distracted and state (for example) a med that doesn't go with any of the patients diagnoses, an inconsistent diagnosis from earlier, RT vs LT, etc I will contact them and verify. I have always been praised and thanked for catching an error and helping them maintain accurate records. We are responsible for a multitude of letters that end up in the hands of attorneys and eventually entered into court records..mistakes can make a huge difference in the outcome of the cases and most importantly can impact a physicians practice not to mention their lives. I love what I do, and that is a good thing since I spend a good part of my life doing it. So---Thanks IU for bringing this particular letter back to my memory and giving me the idea for the longest damn post I have ever written.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I need opinions

Wow! was I a Debbie Downer last post. Sorry about that. Sometimes I vent and feel so much better after and that was one of those times. Thanks all of you that expressed concern over my marriage. I am pretty certain that all is well. Next week we will have been married 26 years and honestly for the most part I wouldn’t really change anything,,,not even the bad times. Actually, those times have helped me grow into a much more confident and self sufficient woman. While the "bad" times are happening it is hard to see the bright side but once things have settled and I can think more clearly there is always a positive. Now for the thing I need your opinion about. I have a dilemma and I think I handled it correctly but let me know what you think…. About 2 weeks ago son#3 asked if his friend *Damian (name changed but fits the kid in question) over to play. Sure I said! Damian arrives and seems a little off to me but hell, he is 12 and aren't all 12 year old boys a little off?? Anyway I was upstairs folding clothes quietly (our laundry is on the second floor…best idea I ever had, btw). We have a 2 story family room so looking out of the laundry room I can see the family room/kitchen area. So, I look out of the laundry room in time to see Damian picking up one of the kitties. (insert awww moment thinking he was going to cuddle with our little fuzzball). In a split second I see him taunting the dog with the cat. Shaking the cat at the dog. If that wasn’t bad enough, in another split second Damian throws….yes, I said THROWS the cat across the family room, launching him about 12 feet. I was absolutely horrified. When I let out a very loud "DAMIAN what did you just do"? he looks up at me and says "oh, sorry" with absolutely NO remorse. The only thing he was upset about is that he got caught. The little demon child then shrugs his shoulders and walks out the back door. Needless to say my blood was boiling by that point. I went to tell Big D and he looked at me like surely I was mistaken..sorry, no mistake, saw it with my very own eyes. At that point I called in son#3 and told him to get Damian’s things packed up (yeah, Damian thought he was coming to spend the night even though I have never met his mother nor did she call to confirm this supposed arrangement). I was so incredibly pissed that I was afraid I was going to launch HIM across the room, so I had son#2 drive him home. Again no call from mom about why her son was home again after she thought he was going to be here, even though she never called in the first place about that! I sat son#3 down and for the first time in my momming history, I told one of my kids that they were not to play with a certain individual any more and that Damian was not welcome in our home. I was blunt, and honest with son#3, told him why and why it concerned me, especially the lack of remorse. This kid scares the hell out of me…do we have an upcoming Jeffr*y Dahm*r on our hands?? He started with animal abuse too as do many serial killers and just plain old nut cases. My question is…one of my friends thinks I went too far in banning the little (monster), um child from my home. What do you think?? Be honest, I can take it if you all agree with my friend I just need to hear from people who don’t know the kid and his family as my friend does. (To make matters worse, I saw him this weekend with his family and their PUPPY..I almost went up to his mother to tell her what he did but we were in a gathering for a game (son and Damian play on the same sport team) and I didn’t think it was the right place to tell someone that her kid is frightening. Put yourself in my shoes and tell me what you would do.

Friday, May 18, 2007


I have avoided blogging for the past week because I was afraid I would blurt out something that I would regret later. I have learned over time that it is generally best I keep my mouth shut when I am distracted, confused or emotionally wrought. For starters Mother’s day sucked. I have only had one Mother’s day in my adult life that was great. For years I struggled to become a mother so those days were obviously joyous only in a fake smile for my MIL and a tearful hug for my mom while my heart was breaking. I loved being with my Mom on that day but since she wanted me to have children almost as much as I did, we usually ended up talking about that and we would end up with tears in our eyes. The first Mother’s day I was actually a mom was brilliant, wonderful, glorious and nothing could have brought me off my cloud. The following year my mom died. For me a large part of my life ended. She was my hero and my angel. She was an amazing woman. She never conquered any mountains or won any awards but she deserved a gold medal for her strength and courage and never ending love for me. (Yes, even when I was an obnoxious teen). This year Mother’s day sucked because Big D decided to have a meltdown with son#2. To be truthful, they are so much alike and it amazes me that #2's traits that bother Big D the most, are actually traits I see in him. Son #2 did something quite benign (IMO) and it sent Big D over the edge. There was yelling, crying, more yelling and it ended with Big D talking about moving out. I know that he wanted me to cry and beg him not to but I have reached the point in my life where I have decided that I cannot be his keeper and told him that while none of us wanted him to leave, I would not want him here if this isn't where he wanted to be. I think it is far more unhealthy for someone to stay out of guilt or obligation than it is for them to leave. He and I don’t agree on parenting styles. I am sure that most of it is because we were raised on opposite ends of the spectrum. He was raised with a firm father and a mouse of a mom (lovely lady but never ever uttered a feeling of her own…she always deferred to Big D’s dad for anything that required a decision). I on the other hand was raised alone with just my mom and we actually got along extremely well. Sure there were times between the ages of 13-17 that I wished she would disappear but the only time I ever remember being disciplined was at age 15 when I snuck to the mall with a friend and had my ears pierced(after being told that it was not allowed). That one got me grounded for 2 weeks because in moms generation the only girls that had pierced ears were sluts~a few years later I stood with her while she had hers done~then I grounded her. When our boys do something stupid I always hope that I am the one that sees because I can intervene and give a sensible punishment…you know, the kind that fits the crime. Big D on the other hand usually lowers the boom fast and furious. Groundings for a tool left out or clothes on a bedroom floor. I am sorry…I just really don’t agree. These boys are courteous, helpful, kind, generous, non-law breaking, non smokers, non drinkers, no drugs, and I think they deserve credit for the above..Big D thinks that is all stuff that should not need to be rewarded with any pats on the back. I don’t know if there is a right or wrong answer here. Not having had a dad I have nothing to compare D’s fathering skills to. Him having a meek mom that never stood up for him gives him nothing to compare me to. I think we are at a stalemate. He ended up not moving out and telling me that he loves all of us so very much but this isn't the first rocky road we have traveled in the past 25 years and it probably won't be the last. The first time we had a major marital problem was the summer of my 40th birthday and since that time I have grown into myself in so many ways and have discovered that I don’t NEED him here but I do WANT him here. There is a big difference. If the day comes where one of these events turns ugly and can't be worked out, I know I could survive and that is a great feeling. It is a self confidence that was severely lacking for most of my life. Sorry for the ramble..sometimes it helps when I write, then read, my feelings. It kinda clears out the cobwebs.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Do any of you recognize this song? Mare-zee dotes and dozey dotes and little lambsy divey, a kiddley divey too wouldn’t you? WHAT? You don’t recognize this?? It is a staple of childhood songs. I believe I was 30 years old before I knew that those weren't the real words. My entire life I thought it was a song made of nonsense words. I had a eureka moment one day and realized that the words to the song actually DID make sense if you sang them the way they were written. This is just one of the times in my life when I thought, shit, I am so stupid. When it comes to music I lip-synch with the best of them. I have to, because usually I have no idea what the words really are. I am one of those people you see driving down the road singing at the top of my lungs and when you see my lips stop moving or what appears to be me saying "la, la, la" it is because I have no clue what the words are. For some reason it is the melody that gets registered into my brain and the words are a distant second, though some are clear, many blend into one long word or phrase. (I do kick ass at the choruses though). I also can't tell you the names of the bands or the names of the singers. Big D is freakishly amazing in this department. A song will come on and he will know not only the band and the artist singing but what band the guy started with in 1968 and the name of his first song, who it was written for and what time of day the guy has his first drink. I like all kinds of music though. Anything from the Beatles, Steppenwolf, whose song Magic Carpet Ride I DO KNOW THE WORDS TO-YAY FOR ME! to current bands,The Fray, Snow Patrol, and there are a bunch more, but I don’t know their names. Son #1 for some mysterious reason loves the music of the 60’s and 70’s. The kid is 18 and you would think he would be jammin with some hip hoppers but I love it when he cranks up his music and takes me back to my high school days. Some of the songs immediately transport me to a party at Auggies house, or riding in Glenn’s Chevy Nova with the massive wheels in the back. Then there is John. My first real love. I was 16, he was 18 and absolutely the best looking guy in the world. We dated for over a year and he broke my heart by dumping me for that skanky little waitress from Perkins Pancakes. The one he ended up marrying. I even dedicated a song to him in my senior yearbook…it was Elton Johns song about the sun going down..don’t remember the name sorry. Speaking of John…(mine not Elton) about 6 months ago an old friend of mine ran into him and he told her that he has always regretted the way he treated me, that I was so nice, didn’t deserve the way he treated me and that he had really made a mistake…I hate to say it made me smile, but it did. When someone breaks your heart it is nice to know if they are truly sorry for it, even if it is 33 years later. Shit that makes me sound so old! How come my body is old but often I feel like I am still 18? There is some cosmic unfairness going on here. By the way the real words to the song are: Mares eat oats, and doe’s eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, kids will eat ivy too wouldn’t you? (at least I think those are the real words).

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wanna buy a car??

Good morning. Do you like the "new" format? I finally got up enough courage to play around with blogger and it wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I do need help on two things...if you can help, please feel free to speak up. Firstly I read soooo many blogs that I would like to list like everyone seems to do and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do that. Also, if anyone knows how I can get the font that crosses out your letters please let me know.

Ok, I am desperate, so I decided to go international with my plight. I really really really want to sell my car. I have loved it gently for the past 3 years but I need to downsize. I am thinking about this cute little red, two seater, convertible I saw. I have no idea what kind of car it was, I just know that I would look really good sitting in the driver seat. PLUS with only two seats I couldn't possibly haul sweaty little athletes across half the state for tournaments. Other than my own sweaty little athlete of course. Also, son #1 still wants to go to college so I am selling anything I can think, household items, basically I am downsizing my life. I am willing to drive wherever you are to deliver this car, especially if you live someplace really cool...hell, it doesn't need to be cool, I will go anywhere to get away for a day or two :) Just think for a mere $15,300 you could get this LOW mileage (26,000 miles) gem. It is loaded...air, sunroof, HEATED leather seats...(there is nothing like having your ass warmed on a cold winters day) and many other extras. C'mon, you know you want this and just think how good you will feel when son #1 mentions your contribution to his college education when he is giving his Summa Cum Laude address when he graduates from college. By the way...son #1 is selling his truck too. Thank goodness...I am NOT a truck person. I had to drive it last week and I felt like the only thing missing was my cowboy hat, huge belt buckle and wheat grass sticking out of my mouth. He only needs to get $8500 for his but, like I said it is a truck. Also...if you are the lucky purchaser of either vehicle, I will throw in some kind of thank you gift. Now all 3 of you that read this blog can scramble to your, wait, I am not posting my number..well you can comment and I will give you my number. Oh, if you pass this along to a friend that is looking, YOU still get the gift--I am kinda generous like that.