Sunday, October 25, 2009

criminal painters

It is done....and I love it. Because of my cheapass camera, the color isn't represented exactly, but this gives you an idea.

As you can see, the room is very tall, and since I don't do ladders, I had the criminal painter do this room for me.

I love to paint, but I know my limits.

(The white spot you see in the center, isn't a ghostly orb, it is just another flaw in the cheapass camera).

I also had him paint the ceiling in the kitchen. I was STUNNED to see the difference. I thought the ceiling was white already. Wow. I guess all of my years of fabulous cooking took its toll on my ceiling.

BigD is usually annoyed when I forge ahead and have projects, that I have asked him to do for years, completed when he is away. But, this time...he was very happy to have this task completed. He is not a patient man, and when you have to gut a room of years worth of belongings, well, they have to go somewhere, so the rest of the place looks like a temporary junk yard. Believe me, it is much less stressful to do these things when he isn't around for a couple days. Call it self preservation on my part.

So, one room down, too many more to go.

18 years of boys in a house, well, lets just say, criminal painter needs to stay out of jail and on my speed dial.

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Tina said...

Holy fack that's a tall room! Bet there is beautiful natural light in there also. Is it a bedroom?

My Aimless Infatuation said...

I love it,but of course I would because my computer room and my kitchen cabinets both are this color(maybe a tiny bit lighter). Maybe you can get all of your painting done before this guy goes off to jail. Cheapass camera or Ghostly orb? My vote's for the ghostly orb to keep an eye on the "criminal painter."

OHN said...

TINA: Yep....It is/was S1's room. We will now use it as a guest room when the boys come home etc. The room isn't big floor wise....just very high :)

Ina in Alaska said...

Looks great! I scrolled down to the story of the criminal painter.... yikes! I LOVE to get my hands on guys like this... as you know we have a law practice and my specialty is executing on judgments and making judgment creditor's lives basically miserable (if you can't do the time......). We have a guy we are serving with some paperwork ON HALLOWEEN --- trick or treat, oh and bye bye to your car, jerk!, see that tow truck over there???

Dr. Deb said...

I love the high ceiling AND the color.

Gaston Studio said...

Hate to tell you, but your criminal painters is much better than my criminal painter. I'm not sure if I'm saying be thankful, just making an observation and feeling distressed that I'VE got to repaint!

Unknown Mami said...

That criminal did a good job!

Baylee and Blair's page said...

Dang... that's a HUGE room! Looks great!

Hugs - Tiff