Friday, August 31, 2007

Back by popular demand

Okay, due to popular demand (from both of you) I am back. I can’t believe it has been a month since I last posted! I have been reading all sorts of blogs and leaving brilliant comments but I have sorely neglected updating my own.

When we last talked I was on vacation…oh, it was wonderful. I did very little except sit on the beach and relax and it was exactly what I needed. You know you are waaaay over stressed when you arrive at the beach on Saturday and don’t completely unwind until Wednesday. Not good. We voted and decided that from now on one week is not enough time away, ten days would be much much better. I also decided that at some point in my life I WILL live directly on the beach and wake each morning with the sound of the waves breaking on the shore. I just hope that it isn't some crappy oceanfront nursing home.

Lets see..well I survived dropping off S1 (son#1) at college. That still seems so weird to me. I honestly don’t feel grown up enough to have a kid old enough for college. (I will decide by the end of his post if I am going to briefly post a photo of us in the dorm room—not sure if I should out myself or not here). Because we got started so late with kids, I have a lot of friends whose kids are out of college and because of our youngest, I have many friends that are in their late 30’s. When I was little I thought that being older would contain some magic that only older people knew but what I didn’t know is that inside, quite frequently, I am still that shy uncomfortable college student myself. I AM much more comfortable with myself at this age though. The one thing that is a cruel joke though is sending a child off to college at the same time that menopause is striking. Yeah it sucks monkey balls. I am way too young for this crap but then again my girlie parts never did act appropriately or on cue!! Not only am I waking up at night with adrenalin rushes that lead to drenching my nightwear with sweat, but once I am awake I lay there and worry about all the things that S1 is going to be faced with at school. He has never been one to cave to peer pressure but it could be because he knew that I would make his life a living hell if he came home loaded or got in trouble et cetera. Now…well, he is on his own for the first time and shit, I know what I was like in college-heaven help me. He did promise me that if he hits the occasional party he would not get into any car, as a driver or passenger. He can sleep in the park if he has to but don’t get into a car. He promised.
Since this is a long weekend, I am hoping that at some point I can take the time to figure out how to put links to all my wonderful blogs that I read. There are so many wonderful stories out there, adoptions, hopeful to adopts, new babies, new pregnancies and even a couple of guy bloggers. I would ask one of my kids how to do it except then they would know how to access my blog and no, no, no, can't have that. I want to be able to reference blogs in my posts when necessary and also have that nice little list off to the side that so many bloggers have. It can't possibly be that complicated but after all, between sweats, I don’t have a lot of free time.