Friday, October 29, 2010

While women like me.......and many of you....

have to jump through hoops to get/stay pregnant and/or go through expensive, THOROUGH background checks to adopt. ...all in the desire to be a parent...yet there are no laws, rules, or hell, even nosy neighbors to keep women like this from procreating.

Shit like this makes my head explode.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I need your help

Promise you won't laugh.

I have been asked to write a relationship and advice column for a local paper.


What I need....are questions. Lots of questions. Ask away. You can leave them here in the comment section and I will compile them for my column and when it is first published, I will put a link here for you. The editor is giving me free reign and I get paid on the amount of readership I have. You may remain anonymous.....or make up a fake doesn't matter.

I just need as many questions as possible. (they actually don't HAVE to be about relationships...part of the deal was that I would give advice about anything)

Go ahead. You know you want to know what to do about your annoying Aunt Mildred, or your pain in the ass mother-in-law or nosy neighbor. (nope, this isn't the big new business I have been hinting about.....more on that one later)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What does your mom drive?

I dropped S3 off at school the other day. This white van was also dropping off a student. As often happens we ended up heading in the same direction for quite some time until we hit a traffic light. A long light. Long enough for me to take out my phone and snap a photo.

So, if this was your moms van.....wouldn't you just be sooo proud?

* * * * * * * * I hope you can click on it and make it bigger. If not it says:

"my inner child is a mean little fucker"


"yes, I am a bitch, so fucking what?"

And no.....just because you have a Marine sticker on the back, doesn't take away the low class effect.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friday at 5:15

I was getting ready for a sunny and warm, 70 degree plus,weekend (rare in October where I live).

I came into my office, where my phone was flashing a message light.

It was a cell number that I didn't recognize, but since I am in the middle of being a queen of a fundraiser I suspected it was a disgruntled parent bitching about something I have no control over.

I couldn't have been more wrong, and my weekend has spun out of control since.

I have told you here before that I work with several physicians offices providing them SUPERB service (yeah, tooting my own horn here, but they have actually all told me that)but that times, well they are a-changin, and now they all need to go to EMR by 2014. My fav doc (x10years) had told me that when the time came that he had to be compliant, he wanted me to still provide his service and we would come up with our own version of EMR to be compliant, but where he still didn't have to touch a computer.

At 5:15 on Friday, I get a VOICEMAIL from his office manager. She is delightfully sweet, but on the flake meter, she is a full blown croissant.

She tells me that doc has signed with the C.lin.ic and as of a date soon, very soon, he will have to use their system and will not need my service. She went on to say how wonderful I am, how sorry she is, I have gone above and beyond over the years, blah, blah, blah. All I am hearing is 'you're fired bitch'.

I KNOW these solo guys aren't making any money. They are almost forced at this point to joint a huge institution as an employee to guarantee their own incomes. (Don't even get me started about fucking insurance companies and their wealth of power they have over EVERYONE---need heart surgery? Lets check with a dipshit with NO MEDICAL BACKGROUND on the other end of the phone at the INS co to get approval. Ohhh, she says no, so guess you get to die without surgery.....think I'm exaggerating??? Not much) To files claims, you get 90 days to submit. You do it in 10. They wait 75 to send it back telling you the doc needs to sign on the line below the one where he signed (not kidding here), and by the time you resubmit, the magic 90 day mark has passed and payment is denied. Yes, they do it on purpose. I am convinced for every claim they can deny, they get a bonus.

See I told you not to get me started.

So as of a fast approaching date, I will no longer be clearing $1000 a month from that account. That added to the big client that I lost 2 years ago,(another $1500 or so) well, lets just say I may have to find some hot pants, fishnets and a corner soon.

I still cannot believe she left me this news in a voicemail on a Friday, after office hours. (though, croissant remember?)I am not angry. Not in the least. He needs to do what he needs to do. Now that the C.Clinic has bought up everything in my area, he wouldn't get referrals if he didn't join. Being a specialist, he lives on referrals. He is a great guy. I will and have sent family to him, and will continue to do so.

So my lovelies...I am in need of reinvention again. I started my last business with a thought and some determination and I will do it again. I have had an idea brewing for over a year to fill a niche that hasn't been filled and I KNOW it would be a go, but it will cost a few bucks to get started (lawyer fees for the 'we are not responsible' clauses, brochures, postage, calls--LOTS of calls, and website building etc) and I am not sure that when I am facing losing my income (though $30,000 a year it isn't huge to lots of you, it DOES make a big difference as none of our income is disposable....I even think twice before I call for a pizza delivery...I keep very close tabs on income and outgo) spending money, not knowing how quickly there would be income, is scary.

When I started my last company I had that feeling in my gut that it would fly. I have it again, and I am even more passionate about the concept of this one, as it will be life changing for so many people.

But, this weekend I am still too stunned to really jump into something. I can't really think very clearly. Right now I am worried about house payments (property taxes, etc), car insurance, utilities (house heat in Ohi.o is crazy from Nov-April and we have a big ass house), and all the other costs in a normal life. BigD is a pu.blic serv.ant remember? His income is equal with mid-west pu.blic serv.ant pay, which means it's okay, but not enough.

(I do still have the part-time job in the one docs office a couple mornings a week and will talk to them tomorrow about his upcoming merger (again, solo so he needs to do something) and be certain that I am still included when the merger happens....I have been told I if I am not, well, the next few posts probably won't be very pretty.