Saturday, October 28, 2006

Awesome place

This past July hubby had to attend a conference in Palm Springs California and we decided to turn it into a family vacation. It was by far the most incredibly beautiful resort I had ever been to. I started thinking about it this morning because it is 40 degrees where we live and it is dark and raining. Palm Springs was relentlessly HOT while we were there...that might have something to do with the fact that we were upgraded to a condo suite, that was bigger than most peoples homes, for only $99.00 a night. The grounds were amazing, millions of flowers in the middle of the desert and each condo had their own swimming pool, (something like 44 or 46 pools). That was where I decided that I deserved to live like this forever and become independently wealthy. I am planning on stealing money from the kids college funds and leaving a note---at least that is my fantasy of the day. My more frequent fantasy is me waking up each morning, walking out onto my balcony overlooking the ocean and having the hired help bring me a perfectly toasted sesame seed bagel and a bottle of Lipton Green Tea while I plan my day that won't consist of any work. Until my fantasies come through, I will continue to work 7 days a week, too many hours a day and wake up to dreary, bare limbed trees and air cold enough to see my breath....such is life.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Last night was our high schools homecoming dance. We have a senior and a junior this year and they both are dating really sweet girls. At 6 pm last night 16 teenagers showed up here for a group photo event. As I looked at this pretty/handsome bunch of kids it was as though my life flashed before me. It seems like such a short time ago that we were struggling horribly with infertility not knowing if a day like this would ever arrive. Now, in the blink of an eye, I am looking at colleges and working out car payment schedules. I remember many years ago my Mom telling me that the older you get the faster time goes-I was a teenager at the time-and thought she was nuts because time was dragging for me. I wanted my license, I wanted to drink (legally ;), I wanted to fall in love, have kids and the whole white picket fence scenario. Turns out Mom was right once again. It would all happen for me, just not on MY schedule. I thought by this age I would have all my kids either in or finished with college and starting their own lives. Our youngest turned 12 yesterday. All the people I meet that are struggling with infertility, I want to sit them down and tell them that it WILL happen for them too. I truly believe there is a reason for everything that does or doesn't happen to us. I now know that had I not had my miscarriages we never would have thought about adoption and we wouldn't have our oldest son. Without going into a lot of detail, we were meant to be his parents, I will elaborate in a forthcoming post. I just wish I could give a feeling of peace to all of those folks that are struggling right now. It will happen for you, just not on your schedule. It's kind of like that old saying about when you make plans, God laughs.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I have no idea how to remove this

The WeatherPixie I have no idea how to remove this from my blog. I thought it was cute, but sometimes my thoughts get me in trouble. I am supposed to be working now but I am in a funk and enjoying a little self pity. I own my own business and without going into details, my clients are physicians and quite a bit of them are (excuse the next two words if you are a physician) cheap bastards. I am in danger of losing my biggest client because they can save money by outsourcing work to India. It really sucks. How can I compete in a market where the workers make $3.00 a day? I pay my girls very well...that is why they have stayed with me from the beginning. As a matter of point, I am the best in the area and also the cheapest, that is why my clients have stayed with me for many many years. Yes, I know that doctors need to run an efficient business/practice but there is something to be said about EMPLOYING AMERICAN workers that just seems to be the right thing to do. Sorry-I won't rant any more...I guess I have to get out of my comfort zone and contact physicians all over the country and see if they are interested in the charming, intelligent, type A person that I am. God forbid I would have to go to a job where I would actually have to drag my ass out of my home office--there I go ranting must be the weather...rainy, cold, dreary..yeah the chick above is lying!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Winter is here and it is only October!

Yesterday I looked out my window and saw the leaves swirling in the wind along with the first snow of the year. I am getting too old for this. I remember thinking that all OLD PEOPLE were weird for wanting to leave the snowy north. How could they stand sunshine all the time? How could they survive without skiing, fireplaces, hot chocolate, cuddling under cozy fleece throws---well I think I have finally figured it out. Last night was #3son's final football game of the season. I sat there at 9 pm, wearing 3 layers of clothes, staring at the scoreboard as it counted down the minutes till I could get in my car and back to my house where the furnace is already running and the electric blanket would cocoon me to a blissful sleep. It would have been easier to sit there and enjoy the game but the fact that his team has only won 1 game the whole season makes sitting there a little bit less thrilling. Now we get a break from nightly practices and spending Saturday's traveling to games....the break will last till basketball begins~~at least that is indoors :)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

security please

While we were at son#3's football game today the coach approached us and asked us if we could arrange to be at the game next week a little early. It seems that last year when we played this particular team from a neighboring town there was quite a huge fight that escalated, players, coaches, cheerleaders were all ejected from the game. The real kicker is that these are 10 YEAR OLD kids playing this game! Excuse me--where in the hell are the normal people in this world? We let our little junior play for the sport, exercise, fun, camaraderie, team spirit--apparently we are supposed to be teaching him to win at any cost and try to break a few limbs along the way. We have failed as parents. Unfortunately our boys are kind, caring, fun, generous, and a host of other terrible things. I kind of hope that #3 wakes up puking next Saturday and we don't have to go to the game.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Reality television vs reality life

Did you ever notice that on any given television show where there is a steamy morning love making session, where the actors that are supposedly representing real people, wake up with great hair and good breath? My hubby is more than welcome to snuggle up and hug but he had better keep his mouth shut because the creatures that multiply in his mouth every night need to be brushed and swished away before any kind of face to face contact will be made. As for me, I always look like I got my hair caught in some horrific tornadic force while sleeping. I think I need to hire a hair and makeup crew to arrive promptly at 5:45 each morning so I can wake up ready for any whoopee that may be waiting for me. Actually it is hubby's fault that my hair is always a mess. During the night he strokes my hair (he says it relaxes him and personally I love it), but at times it ends up in fuzzy knots. One time we were visiting the in-laws when son #2 was just a baby. While I was feeding him, he always held onto my hair (which is short so it wasn't easily accessible). My MIL saw him and stopped in her tracks. It seems as though #2 sons dad (my hubby) used to do the same thing to her when he was small. Back in the day of station wagons and no seatbelts, he used to stand behind the seats and hold her hair while they were driving. Freaky genetic trait? Not sure but I am a firm believer that we are born as tiny versions of ourselves and are already wired the way we will be...I will have to warn # 2 boys future wife when he meets her--hope her hair has strong roots.