Sunday, February 24, 2008

I think it's love

When S1 was in 7th grade he had his first crush. The kind of crush that makes 7th grade boys act like dopes and say and do stupid things thinking they are cool. I had the hardest time convincing him that 7th grade girls think 7th grade boys are kinda stupid when they act like monkeys-he didn’t believe me. Fast forward to high-school. S1 was very socially awkward and very shy. He preferred skipping school functions and basically skipping anything that was out of his comfort zone. When he was a sophomore he had a "girlfriend". It was one of those boyfriend/girlfriend things were nobody has a license and someone’s parent needs to do the driving to and from movies, the malls, et cetera while the boy and girl both sat in the back seat giggling nervously while holding hands. This girl was very smart (it’s a good thing too because that is about all she had going for her-mean but true.) Anyway that relationship lasted about a month and S1 didn’t venture out after that for awhile and we didn’t pressure him. We knew he would come into his own when the time was right. One day the summer before his junior year he went to the grocery store with me. In front of us in the checkout line was a very tall, pretty girl that gave S1 a bashful glance and one of those little waves where your hand never really leaves your side but wiggles back and forth before slamming back down against your leg. I mentioned to S1 that she was really pretty and he said, "yeah, that’s *****" the name I remembered from 7th grade. I could tell he was interested because he was completely tongue tied and his posture screamed ‘I have no idea what to do next’. It made me smile but I didn’t think much about it after we got home. Two days later S1 came out of his room with the pronouncement that he thought me might call checkout line girl and ask her to a movie. I looked at him to see if he was joking or serious and when I saw the look on his face I knew it was something he had thought about and had worked up the courage to do it. Inside I was panic stricken, nobody wants to see anyone they love hurt and I was so worried that if she turned him down, he would be devastated but I would be there to pick up the pieces. He called, she said yes and they have been together ever since~2 ½ years. They are at different colleges but talk daily and a couple times a month they both come home for the weekend and see each other. He called today to tell me she had spent the night with him on Friday (I refuse to let my mind go there—but I did have another "little talk" with him about responsibility et cetera) anyway, he went on to tell me that she had a little bit too much to drink and he had to hold her long hair for her while she puked…if that doesn’t say I love you, then I don’t know what does. *yes, I know they are underage, please don't tell me to lecture him, I have done that over and over...he never drives anywhere and if he feels sick, then he deserves it.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Another snippet for my someday book

Remember the office manager that I told you drove me crazy? The one that talks in rapid fire, without breathing, asking questions and keeps talking when you try to answer? Well, she is at it again. I get a call yesterday afternoon and as soon as I said in my cheery little voice "This is OHN, may I help yo...." she starts ranting. She started asking me where file x, y and z weretheyshouldhavebeenbackbynowsowherearethey? As I try to answer she keeps talking and talking and talking. Finally I got out that they were sent back to her LAST week but not to worry because I am completely on top of my game, I have them backed up so it is no problem to RESEND them to her...all the while keeping my voice a cheery little lilt. She finally calmed down, I told her to give me 10 minutes to retrieve all of them and they would be on the way. I had no sooner hung up and opened my documents when the phone rang again...guess who? She starts ranting again. She found the files but they were on the wrong computer in their office. HUH? I really didn't get what she was talking about so I tried to listen to her rant to try to figure it out.......seems as though the computer they use to download my files wasn't working correctly and their emails weren't loading. She wanted to know why I had sent the files to the other computer...I had an AHA moment.....SHE ACTUALLY THOUGHT I COULD PICK WHICH COMPUTER THE FILES WENT TO (USING THE ONLY EMAIL ADDRESS THAT I HAVE BEEN USING FOR 3 YEARS) AND SHE WAS PISSED THAT I SENT IT TO SECRETARY A INSTEAD OF SECRETARY B. What a stupid shit. At this rate she is bound to have a stroke soon and I won't have to deal with her any more.When S3 stopped laughing he said "mom you should sue her for pain and suffering" unfortunately honey, stupid isn't illegal.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

update on my little life

Well……3 weeks ago today the big office signed the EMR paperwork and I still haven’t been told by the powers that be that this has happened, BUT, my mole on the inside told me word around the office is that the EMR won't be in place till spring (here in Ohio, we never know when spring will arrive so we will have to wait and see) so…..I am going to cut them some slack and not be pissed that they haven’t told me. To be honest I probably wouldn’t tell someone months ahead of time either so we will see how this plays out. BUT, because I was totally freaked out I spent last Monday composing and sending out 40 letters to physicians in a 30 mile radius and I had planned on making follow-up calls on Friday but before I could even make any calls, I got a call from one of the offices wanting to meet with me. I won’t go into all the boring details but I met with them on Friday and worked my ample ass off all weekend so I could impress the heck out of them on Monday when I returned their work. This was quite a feat considering that I had TWO computers crash on me. I don’t even want to think about it so I am not going to. Suffice to say that while the two new ones are being repaired and updated, I am now working on my antique computer from 1997 and it is purring like a kitten. Anyway as for the new office, it looks very promising and while 1 doc can't make up for 4, I feel better knowing that now that I am out there, things could improve. I would hate like crazy to have to start eating road kill.