Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spending my first paycheck, two weeks before I get it.

If you knew would know this is not characteristic of me. I am the brigadier of budgeting, the counter of coins, the furiousest (yes, that is a new word) of frugalers (another new one for you), yet this morning, I spent my entire first paycheck before I even worked for it.

Why you ask?? Because my sons and husband are basketball fans. This morning, pre-sale tickets went up for sale to the Clevel@and C@valiers and I bought three sets of tickets. Each boy will get two tickets for Christmas. They are all different games so if they want to trade with each other, that works too.

I have mentioned before that LBJ (no Jerry, not the dead president), the "King" Mr. James, lives down the road and is seen with his "boys" roaming around in their Escalades. Now that we have the Shaqq man, the boys will LOVE these tickets. I spent the extra bucks to get seats close enough to the floor that the only way any of them will get nosebleeds will be if they get hit by a ball, not from being so far up in the seating, they could swing on the moon.

So how does BigD get to benefit from this? S1 is too young to drive so his second ticket will undoubtedly be used by dad, the driver.

As for me? I am guaranteed a quiet evening with cuddly pups and a good book. It is a win-win situation.

The hard part will be keeping my yap shut till Christmas!


Ina in Alaska said...

You may have blown it especially if they read your blog (like my husband does read mine)

OHN said...

Hey Ina...Nope, they don't read it. The boys think it is "stupid" and haven't even asked what I call it, or what I put in it.....and husband only reads his email and plays scrabble on his computer. He has a vague idea what blogging is, but doesn't really get it :)

Gaston Studio said...

Great idea!

Comedy Writer Jerry Perisho said...

We had a president whose initials were LBJ? Who'd a-thunk it?

GREAT idea to buy the tickets. LeBron is the best athlete in the NBA today (this coming from a guy in LA where Kobe is king, when he isn't in the dog house for having extramarital sex with hotel maids). But, do not hang your hat, or your hopes for an NBA championship, on Shaq. He is well past prime time. He still has charisma, but that doesn't win games.

That is a cool Christmas present. You better start working on how you're going to top it in 2010.

Dan said...

Great gift. Bad sport. {*grin*}

You can tell I'm not a bubble bouncer fan, but mor power to those who are.

buffalodick said...

You will look back, and not regret what you did- ever!

Athena said...

What a great gift! How thoughtful of you to give up an evening with family to be alone ;-)

Unknown Mami said...

Money well spent!