Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A boy and his dog

I think this kid is going to love being a dad someday. This is S2 and Cosmo. This is the dog that lived the first three years of his life in a cage, never getting out except to breed. He is a rescued Amish puppy mill dog. He has landed in heaven at the OHN house, where our animals are family. This little guy didn't even know how to play. Seriously. We would dangle a toy, roll a ball...nothing. He wouldn't even move. It took a few months of watching Harley to learn how a dog really acts. Well, at least a dog in THIS house. Now, if anyone is still for more than a few seconds, Cosmo is connected to your leg, your side, your head, whatever he can reach. The closer the better. There have been mornings I awaken to the vision of his nose a few inches from mine, having wiggled his way up the bed and deciding to share my pillow.

Also, please note the cute guy above. He is closing in on 20 years old and needs a job to make tuition. A buddy of his does some modeling and is trying to convince S2 to try it. This kid makes crazy ridiculous money for a days work and I don't think I am biased when I say, I think S2 could probably give it a run. I could see him in a catalog couldn't you? So, any of you that happen to know someone that could employ this very sweet, kind, loving guy, let me know :)Posted by Picasa


Athena said...

Hey there,
Somehow your entire post is a link and the links on your current background don't show up (are they the same color as the background?).
Anyhoo - yes, I can see S2 in an catalogue for sure. Especially holding a melting dog!

OHN said...

I think it is weird because I did a link from my picasa to the blog instead of just uploading a photo....who knows....blogger gives me fits sometimes!

Ina in Alaska said...

S2 is adorable, and great smile. The camera (and dogs) love him! Loved your Cosmo story. Is that the dog in your header? If so, he is much smaller than he appears in the header. The dogs at our house (all rescued as well) are family too! So happy Cosmo has found a great home and family! Those Amish mills are horrible. Shame on them!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Oh I would have SOOO much fun photographing him! Can't you just see him leaning against the old truck I took pictures of not to long ago in b/w? SEND HIM UP HERE!

Gaston Studio said...

Oh, thank you for rescuing Cosmo! According to a news report I heard several months ago, the Amish have the worst puppy mills in America. Who would have thought that?

Tell S2 good luck about the job hunting. It's rough out there, but someone who really wants a job will find one.

Thanks for being my latest follower!


buffalodick said...

Our current Airedale is from ATRA- Airedale rescue.. She was a large "pushy" female no one wanted..Benn in numerous homes, with people that didn't know the breed. We did, she was beautiful and well trained, but aggressive, as big females of the breed are.. We had two female Airedales before her, and knew this dog would be fine in a single dog home. that was 7 years ago, and she is the best dog we ever had!

Anonymous said...

S2 is totally hot, if you can stand that creepy comment coming a lady more than twice his age. No reason why he can't be a model - as long as he doesn't mind random strangers checking him out.

Cosmo is a totally loving dog - man I can't believe the Amish run puppy mills - that's digusting. That really makes me mad! I can't stand to think of poor animals being abused. I am so happy that Cosmo found a loving, luxurious home.