Monday, September 21, 2009

update on brother

He is here. Got here at 1:00. I haven't killed him yet, but the night is still young.

So far, he has put down my weight loss efforts (I went to the doc today and am down 21 lbs--woohoo), telling me I look the same. He is the ONLY one who has said that. Everyone I run into can see a difference.

He made fun of S3's face...a 14 3/4 year old with a few zits on his chin.

BigD is doing a special project for the city we live is a very positive thing and brother laughed and said that it was stupid.

When I told him about S2's new honey (will post about that later) and told him how pretty she was, athletic, funny etc, he stopped me when I said her mother is catholic and her father is Jewish and told me that he was going to tell S2, to not see her any more because "You know what the f'ing Jews have done to me over the years". (Yeah, I do know, they EMPLOYED your lazy ass and you are still getting residual checks 4 times a year from those f'ing Jews, you asshole).

Dear lord, it has only been 6 hours.

I still want to know how in the hell we are related. Certainly my mom must have dropped him on his head, more than once, as an infant.


Tians.sis said...

Sounds like turning in early might be a good idea.

preppyplayer said...

First off, Congrats! 21 lbs is a lot, HOW could he not see?
Second, anyone can say or do anything to me- NOt my children! Do you just want to slug him for saying anything to your son?

It doesn't sound like you are even related...
I do really think that he loves you and craves your attention, maybe even negative attention. He always wants to visit you and he seems to be insistant on being a part of your life.

Even if he can be a jerk, don't give up on him.
I hope he mellows as he gets older.
My husband is jewish and I would hate if anyone said that around me, let him know that your son might not ever forgive him if he should say such an anti-Semitic remark about his girlfriend...

Ina in Alaska said...

Just catching up with your last few posts. Sounds like hell week over at the nut house!!

But I agree with Preppy, BIG congrats on ridding yourself of 21 lbs!! Now its time to rid yourself of your brother! What a jerk.

Anonymous said...

You have made me much more fully appreciate my family, and my in-laws. Annoying, yes, but your brother takes the cake it seems. You rock, tell him to shove it!
Melissa in Durham

Frau said...

OMG I want to kill him if you don't! Good luck and just breathe...or drink alot!

Pearl said...

Yikes! Your brother sounds like someone who likes to push buttons, huh?!

And for the record? Twenty-one pounds is quite a bit, actually. A good size and some. You HAVE to notice 21 pounds. I'm thinking maybe he witholds saying nice things as a control issue.


Hit 40 said...

I still do not know how you let him in your home??? You must be too busy next time... please tell me that there will not be a next time??

Anonymous said...

OMG, he sounds like my eldest sister. You know, the one I have spoken to in 2 years.

Screw him - 21 pounds is 2 dress sizes!