Monday, September 21, 2009

Just when I started to relax

My brother is coming. Today. For those of you new here, I will explain at some point why this is such a sucky way to start the week.

For those of you that have been reading and know the back story....just think of me today. I am gearing up for the verbal nasties that are coming. Unfortunately for him, after the week I had last week with the sick son and the ex-employer....big brother may go down for the count.

Bloodshed is not out of the question.


Tina said...

Royal rumble!! Take pictures! :)

Scandalous Housewife said...

I'm just imagining you pasting your photo and your brother's on the dog fight pic on your blog!

Tians.sis said...

It sounds like your luck is like mine. Just when things start to get too easy,all____breaks loose!!Stay strong and take up for yourself!

Anonymous said...

Uh, don't take his guff. Okay, catching up with your posts, on to the next one.