Wednesday, October 01, 2008

waiting is a pain

in the ass. BigD had the CT on Monday morning and it is now Wed night and we still don't have the report. The hospital decided that this week would be a perfect time to implement a brand new system in the radiology dept and now things are all backlogged. Believe me, I have tried all of my connections. The doc even went online to see if he could snag a report and it has been dictated but not transcribed. In the meantime, BigD isn't sleeping, is having bouts of tears (he NEVER cries) and is a complete wreck. If we don't get a report by tomorrow around lunch time, I may have to go visit the radiologist and tell him HE will have to come to my house tomorrow night to console my big man. As for the NYC photos...for some reason my laptop is not working and all my photos are in there. I put in a call for my tech support (and threatened to withhold my next monetary transfer into his account for his beer money---uh, I mean lunch money so he should call soon;)

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