Friday, October 17, 2008

slow night??

then click on over to this blog and read some sassy writing from a very bright woman in her "senior" years....I want to be like her when I grow up. No news on the medical front...Tuesday is the PET scan, Thursday is the thoracic specialist. As each day goes by we have more questions than answers. I am planning on not worrying this weekend. I am reading a good book, have about 4 hours of actual work to do, a disgusting laundry room to gut, and would rather do all of those things than sit and worry about the "what if's". Oh, and I might shoot Helen off an email....I think we could be friends :)


Parenthood For Me said...


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Topcat said...

OHN .... I had a dream about you this week. I was asking you how your hubby was going - you said he was really well. Yay!

How did the PET go?


Michele said...

Thanks for sharing Margaret and Helen's blog. It is now on my daily must read list!