Thursday, October 16, 2008


Last night BigD and I argued after the debate. We are both pretty convinced that each others candidate would be a rotten choice. We are coming at it from different angles. I am VERY concerned about health care especially in light of BigD's new found lung cooties. If he has disease X,Y,Z and for some reason would have to retire (he needs to be able to wrestle with scumbags and it is kinda hard to do when you can't breathe worth a shit) we are screwed when it comes to health care. He will have that ominous "pre-existing condition" that no insurance company will touch. So my candidate HAS to have the balls to really effect a change in this country. He needs to be smooth, intelligent, CALM (no finger on the nuke button), and not have a "hey ya'll" winky running mate. Oh and before you worry that BigD and I went to bed mad, he ended the conversation with "hey, you can't argue with me, I might have cancer". SO, I guess from now on he will have to be right about everything :) at least in his little mind.


beagle said...

we all know the WIFE is always right. but it's OK to let them think they are.


(oops . . . don't count me as a winky chick!)

I'm apartisan aka Canadian.

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Ahahaha that`s awesome. Good to see you both have a great sense of humor. I gotta say, I`m glad I`m a Canadian right now. I have been somewhat following the election down there. It`s going to end up being a lesser of two evils in my mind. Anything is better than what you have right now, but still... I would think that would be a hard choice. Sounds like it would be a fun debate to be there and have!

My Prostate's in a Mason Jar by the Door said...

Wow, BigD played the "cancer card" before anyone has even told him he has cancer. What a guy!! I love that!

Even when you guys find out that the results are indeed "negdeeb", he gets to continue playing the C-card for a full year, just because of the scare. Those are the rules; you gotta play by them.

Alli said...

Wow - my husband are having the same debates at our house about the candidates. Good luck!

Deathstar said...

You should see the dweebs we had to choose between up here. We don't have a nuke button though. We do have free health care though. You just have to be a resident for 3 months - come stay for a while.

tz said...

oh my gosh, besides all the obvious reasons to NOT wanting him sick, that can go on your list too!