Friday, December 26, 2008

two photos

Hello all.....I may regret this. In the event that you know us in real life, please tell me so I can make sure I never include you in any of my "I hate this person" posts. It would be embarrassing. Anyway....the following photos are of S2--the one that thinks he is not at all good looking. Obviously he is stupid. He has no girlfriend because he is afraid he will get shot down if he asks someone know, because he is so unattractive and all.
The second photo is of me, BigD, S1, S2, S3 and really old aunty. I could fill the whole internet with hilarious stories at old aunty's expense but since it is considered cruel to laugh at people, I will not do that today. Tomorrow, maybe. Trust me when I say that dementia can be fun. She still has a quick wit and knows she can't remember and even laughs at herself. OH, and for those of you that thing BigD looks old because of his white hair, he got that white hair when he was 29. Coincidentally a mere 2 years after we married. Everything is always MY fault.
Please note that I am the woman in the photo that is hiding behind everyone because I have gotten so damn fat. I have a story about that too but I will save that for another day too because the oven timer just buzzed and I have to take the cookies out.
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Tina said...

Even though my sister has a boyfriend, I would like to package up S2 and send him home to her as a present. Holy hannah! YUMM-O. (Yes, I know he's your son, but WOW. If I was single, much thinner and 10 years younger, I would .... well, I'll stop there.) Sorry, I had more to write but I keep having bad thoughts about your son. Tell him he should come visit here. I'd LOVE to photograph him. (And I mean that literally, you sicko). And it's awesome to finally see a picture of you. Rob is also grey, but was grey at 25, which he blames on me since we were married by then.

Anonymous said...

Day-um! You tell S2 that he is GORGEOUS and even Doc, who is almost fifteen and doesn't usually comment on such matters agrees that he's a cutie!

She also thinks S1 isn't too hard on the eyes...but S2? He's just perfect.

You are all are very good looking....lovely family. I'm glad you shared.

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful family.

Evil Stepmonster said...

All of your boys are gorgeous, but S2 is a real stunner! It's a pity he doesn't see it, but hopefully it will make him more choosy about who he does eventually ask out.

Happy new year to you all.

Cibele said...

I can't believe that S2 does not think he is good looking!!!!!!! lovely family pic!

Michele said...

I showed the photos to my daughters (19 and 21) and they both agreed that you have some very nice looking sons! I'm glad my girls are here in Montana so when he does realize he is a lady killer my girls won't be the ones to break his handsome little heart!
Very nice family photo, and no, I don't know you--LOL

tz said...

awesome pics...and no, can't say that I know you, but you look like a fun family to know!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family!

eden said...

Oh. My. Lordy.

I just had me a read-a-thon, of this here blog. Where the hell have I been?

Your post about the ugly ornament made me laugh out loud. Man, that is one UGLY santa you got there.

Your post about the shoe thrower made me laugh again. That footage totally made the news down here. Dubya sure can duck, I'll give him that!

Your post about the girl getting the doll at Christmas left me breathless, and my heart pumped quickly for a while. Thank you SO much for writing that.

Your two pics post? Awesomenessnessness. I would TOTALLY do DS2. He's hot.

And you!!! I see you!!! You look EXACTLY like an OHN!!! So freakin cool.XOXOX

hope548 said...

What a beautiful family you have! I think all of your sons are handsome. S2 must be out of his mind, he is quite a looker, but I suppose it's better this way, lest he think he's God's gift to women! Right?

Happy 2009!

beagle said...

Gorgeous family!!

Now I am SO curious to know which one of those three handsome sons shares a name with my little cutie pie!

But tell S2 he's a doll and I'd date him in a minute if I were:

a) Single
b) WAY younger
c) worthy of his cuteness!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

It's sad that your very handsome son is stupid. (Jest intended to snap him out of the self-deprecating stance)

And you are obviously not so fat as you can still hide behind people... :D I think you are a lovely family, including really old aunty.

Happy new year!

Jade said...

Ohhh thank you for sharing your family with us. You have a beautiful one! And umm.... tell S2 that he is a little stud with a beautiful smile, and I'm sure a beautiful heart because he has a good mom. :-)

Im so glad our paths crossed this year. It has been great getting to read about your journey and I look forward to seeing all of the great things waiting for you in 09.
Thank you for all of your kind words and support!

Hope you and yours have a wonderful new years!

Demeter said...

Your son will snap out of it, eventually. He is one very handsome young man. The rest is nonesense. Beautiful family!