Tuesday, December 09, 2008


BigD's lung is fillin' up with lung juice again. We are headed BACK to Pittsburgh again on Thursday for what we HOPE will be a quick round-trip visit. Hopefully they will just stick a pin in him. This time, I am throwing a small suitcase in the back of the car...j.u.s.t. i.n. c.a.s.e.You know that if I don't we will definately have to spend the night (or more) but being prepared means that we will be home~~before having to sleep somewhere other than my bed. I knew something was up because his voice changed again and he started to get back his annoying little cough cough. I called the office and they wanted us to come over today but neither of us was prepared mentally to go there again, yet. Plus tomorrow morning S3 has an appointment to have his toenail removed (ewww, gross, I know) and I am not going to reschedule at this point because he has been gearing himself up for this. He is not the most courageous tiger in the zoo and this is taking all the nerve he can gather. SO, when I called the office they agreed to let BigD get a chest xray here in small town and fax them the report. They said there isn't a ton of lung juice there right now and we had to pinky swear that we would go to an ER if he got short of breath or symptomatic at all other than the cough, cough. Somewhere in this flurry of activity, I need to do some Christmas shopping! I will have some pretty pissed off guys in my house if Santa doesn't swing by our shack on Christmas eve and leave a little sumpin sumpin under the tree. But tonight I am going to look at puppies. God help me if they are as cute as everyone has told me. A friends dog had a litter of 8 and I have avoided going there (having a hubby in and out of the hospital has helped me keep away) but I have to see them tonight as I am picking up S3 at their house in a bit. Please remind me over and over that I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER DOG in my life. I love my 2 and NO they DON'T need a little sister. (7 girls and only 1 boy puppy who already picked his family). I may post a photo though, if they let me take one. (a photo, not a puppy)


Tina said...

So, what names have you picked out for the new little puppy?? *wink*

beagle said...

Safe travels . . . and if you get the puppy you can count that as a group gift!

(Otherwise I suggest shopping on Amazon, that's all I do anymore.)

And my word verification? Corgie . . . isn't that a dog? I think it's a sign.

Demeter said...

I am glad there is nothing to worry about the lungs now, it is time to enjoy the holidays and what better than a new puppy. I know how you feel. I would have done the same.

Sitting in Silence said...

Good Luck Ohn....I'm thinking of you both xoxox