Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Reality television vs reality life

Did you ever notice that on any given television show where there is a steamy morning love making session, where the actors that are supposedly representing real people, wake up with great hair and good breath? My hubby is more than welcome to snuggle up and hug but he had better keep his mouth shut because the creatures that multiply in his mouth every night need to be brushed and swished away before any kind of face to face contact will be made. As for me, I always look like I got my hair caught in some horrific tornadic force while sleeping. I think I need to hire a hair and makeup crew to arrive promptly at 5:45 each morning so I can wake up ready for any whoopee that may be waiting for me. Actually it is hubby's fault that my hair is always a mess. During the night he strokes my hair (he says it relaxes him and personally I love it), but at times it ends up in fuzzy knots. One time we were visiting the in-laws when son #2 was just a baby. While I was feeding him, he always held onto my hair (which is short so it wasn't easily accessible). My MIL saw him and stopped in her tracks. It seems as though #2 sons dad (my hubby) used to do the same thing to her when he was small. Back in the day of station wagons and no seatbelts, he used to stand behind the seats and hold her hair while they were driving. Freaky genetic trait? Not sure but I am a firm believer that we are born as tiny versions of ourselves and are already wired the way we will be...I will have to warn # 2 boys future wife when he meets her--hope her hair has strong roots.


One Mother's Journey said...

We have a "no kiss" policy in the morning - unless the brushing of one's teeth has taken place. I just can't do it... LOL

Mel said...

I agree with you . . . we're just born the way we are. So many weird things are genetic!