Saturday, October 07, 2006

security please

While we were at son#3's football game today the coach approached us and asked us if we could arrange to be at the game next week a little early. It seems that last year when we played this particular team from a neighboring town there was quite a huge fight that escalated, players, coaches, cheerleaders were all ejected from the game. The real kicker is that these are 10 YEAR OLD kids playing this game! Excuse me--where in the hell are the normal people in this world? We let our little junior play for the sport, exercise, fun, camaraderie, team spirit--apparently we are supposed to be teaching him to win at any cost and try to break a few limbs along the way. We have failed as parents. Unfortunately our boys are kind, caring, fun, generous, and a host of other terrible things. I kind of hope that #3 wakes up puking next Saturday and we don't have to go to the game.

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One Mother's Journey said...

I just couldn't be that competitive - it's just a game! I'd be out of there pretty darn quick if anything started, what a horrible example to set. Good luck.