Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lying to your kids

Is it wrong to lie to your kids? I have always thought it depends on the situation.As a rule I am very honest with mine..sometimes too honest. They know more things than they should because I have a tendency to expound upon any subject presented to me. The one instance that I had a continuing lie started when they were about 2 or 3. I accidentally "broke wind" (as my dear mother would say), and when they started laughing I asked what was so funny. When they said--"Mommy farted" hahahaha--I looked at them with the most serious face I could muster and told them...."No, women don't fart, we have never learned how, only boys fart". The poor innocent children believed me and from that day on, I would always blame one of them when the accidental PFFFT would be released. They believed me for YEARS! One day they came running in the door yelling for me....they proceeded to say "Mom! Girls DO FART!", Mrs C (our neighbor) apparently bent over to get something out of the oven and let one loose while the boys stood there in shock. I am sure she would be horrified if she knew that they came running home to tell me she farted...I may tell her someday.

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One Mother's Journey said...

*I* never fart - I blame the dog. Even if he's not in the same room -doesn't matter, farts carry from room to room.

I would definetly tell your neighbor - that's a classic.