Sunday, October 15, 2006

Winter is here and it is only October!

Yesterday I looked out my window and saw the leaves swirling in the wind along with the first snow of the year. I am getting too old for this. I remember thinking that all OLD PEOPLE were weird for wanting to leave the snowy north. How could they stand sunshine all the time? How could they survive without skiing, fireplaces, hot chocolate, cuddling under cozy fleece throws---well I think I have finally figured it out. Last night was #3son's final football game of the season. I sat there at 9 pm, wearing 3 layers of clothes, staring at the scoreboard as it counted down the minutes till I could get in my car and back to my house where the furnace is already running and the electric blanket would cocoon me to a blissful sleep. It would have been easier to sit there and enjoy the game but the fact that his team has only won 1 game the whole season makes sitting there a little bit less thrilling. Now we get a break from nightly practices and spending Saturday's traveling to games....the break will last till basketball begins~~at least that is indoors :)


One Mother's Journey said...

Well as much as I'm with ya on the whole winter in October thing... not fun. I still don't think I could live in a climate that doesn't have 4 seasons. I get sick of the cold weather but I also get sick of the hot weather. At least it's pretty this time of year... little consolation when you're freezing your ass off I know.

Mel said...

Brrr! I don't miss northern Michigan at ALL! (We lived there four years and one year, the snow began in October and didn't melt until April!)