Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I have no idea how to remove this

The WeatherPixie I have no idea how to remove this from my blog. I thought it was cute, but sometimes my thoughts get me in trouble. I am supposed to be working now but I am in a funk and enjoying a little self pity. I own my own business and without going into details, my clients are physicians and quite a bit of them are (excuse the next two words if you are a physician) cheap bastards. I am in danger of losing my biggest client because they can save money by outsourcing work to India. It really sucks. How can I compete in a market where the workers make $3.00 a day? I pay my girls very well...that is why they have stayed with me from the beginning. As a matter of point, I am the best in the area and also the cheapest, that is why my clients have stayed with me for many many years. Yes, I know that doctors need to run an efficient business/practice but there is something to be said about EMPLOYING AMERICAN workers that just seems to be the right thing to do. Sorry-I won't rant any more...I guess I have to get out of my comfort zone and contact physicians all over the country and see if they are interested in the charming, intelligent, type A person that I am. God forbid I would have to go to a job where I would actually have to drag my ass out of my home office--there I go ranting again...it must be the weather...rainy, cold, dreary..yeah the chick above is lying!

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lola said...

Hi there, you can get rid of miss weather.pixie by going into your templates page and deleting her! You'll just have to find the right code to delete - I think if you look for weatherpixie you can find it!

I'm sorry about the job issues and I hope there's a solution to all of the crazy outsourcing going on in this country. I hope you're able to come to some kind of solution!!