Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I don't have a title

I really don't.

I just have a jumble of thoughts blowing between my ears.

21 years ago this morning, a social worker placed my new son in my arms for the first time. I was terrified, thrilled, excited, nauseated, did I say terrified?

He had been in foster care for the 3 weeks since his birth because they wanted his birth mother to be sure she was making a decision that wasn't rushed or hormonal.

As I was typing this last sentence, my cell rang and it was that baby....asking for money. Some things never change :)

I reminded him what day it was and he, with all the love he could muster, said, (and this is a quote) "Yeah, I don't really celebrate this day, it is a pretty dark day in my life"...for those of you (which is all of you) that don't know him....he WAS kidding. He has a very wry wit and loves to bust my balls (bust my boobs just doesn't have a good ring to it).

Also--yesterday, a friend that I have never met, but have gotten to be friends with through this whole passing internet phase (not sure it will catch on), is a new mom. She is bringing home her son today. She and her husband have been on that dreaded roller coaster ride of "will we be picked"...well, they were and now she gets to go home with a new baby, and basically be as terrified as I was that first, oh, 15 years. I would link to her blog, but it might be by invitation only.

Lets see..what else is new? I have 1/2 of my Christmas decorations up. If this year is like most other years, the other 1/2 of the decorations will sit in the boxes shoved off to a corner. I have some serious A.D.D. F.O.L. (attention deficit disorder for old ladies) and have a habit of making WONDERFUL looooonnnngggg lists of things that need to be done, then I misplace the lists. I take inventory around my house. Bathroom needs to be scrubbed...check. Check, as on the list, not completed. I am pretty sure this is an actual disorder but I can't find the list of doctors in my plan that take care of this problem.

OH...I almost forgot...criminal painter is back. He is fixing a wall in the master bath that had some water damage, painting then hanging the border that was wrecked. (Here is one area where my ADDFOL comes in handy....I still have a new roll of the border>>>>>>>that we originally hung 6 years ago. Score.

He is then moving into S2's room. Well, he isn't moving in as in LIVING here, just moving in as in painting. The room is empty so now is the time. It has the most horrid shade of red paint in there now and I am changing it to INA BLUE (yes Ina, I am naming a paint after you). Ina lives in Alaska (who knew that people really LIVED there???). She just did a redo of her bathroom and the color screamed at me. I would link to her blog but my linky thing still isnt working. I will try, but you may have to go to all the hard work of copy/pasting. http://ina-offret.blogspot.com/2009/11/toby-tuesday-let-it-snow.html When criminal painter is done, I will post photos. Now I need to find someone that is moving and selling a solid oak or mahogany bedroom set for about 200 bucks. Wish me luck.

***DAMN.....I just clicked on view blog after I hit publish, and my linky thing DID work...watch out world, OHN learned something new!

I know there is more crap I wanted to say, but I can't remember so I will probably come back later with some huge news that has temporarily leaked out of my ears.

Oh...I just remembered one thing. Do you F.acebook? I started, but I find that I am afraid to ask people to be my friend. What if they really don't want to? It would be like 9th grade all over again. So, how do you handle the friend request thing?


preppyplayer said...

I will be your facebook friend :)
You know my real"name", friend me!

Tina said...

Criminal painter. I love it. :)

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I am laughing over facebook. For me it's following people on blogs. What if they don't want to follow me back or my comments are bad??

Demeter said...

I would join you! I love facebook, I find out how and where my friends are

Yo-yo Mama said...

I am so happy for your friend. What an auspicious day!

We share a few FB friends. I've had the best luck with blogging friends and have only been "rejected" by one blogger, and that was someone I read but never commented on so I kind of shot myself in the foot there. Her loss.

Gaston Studio said...

Happy birthday to that wonderful baby boy! Sending congrats to your friend too.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Love your son's sense of humor! I bet he gets it from you.

And Facebook-- I had it, then I deactivated it, then I activated it again. We have a love/hate relationship. Once it gets started people come out of the woodwork to be your friend.

Happy December!

Unknown Mami said...

Just ask people to be friends. If they don't want to then don't worry about it. You can be my facebook friend. I'm "Desconocida Mamirez", not really, but that's my Unknown Mami alias on FB.

When you wrote "then he's moving in..." I had to read that sentence again. Glad you clarified it because I know he does good work, but you can't harbor a criminal. Or can you?

buffalodick said...

I don't "twitter', and barely check facebook- I have a blog and I'm only one man, who types with two fingers!

Ina in Alaska said...

INA BLUE!!! Wow! anyway that is better than all that mumbo jumbo that appeared on the paint can label! Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the final result. Which reminds me I need to post the completed bathroom project but FIRST I need to find new towels. I am determined!

Thanks for your kind words about my mom. I wish I lived closer (she is in NJ) she must stay in the rehab during the entire antibiotic phase. Tough months ahead for sure! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hello my little stalker friend. I'm catching my groove and I'm back! I'm rarely on my Facebook, it's more of a professional link for me. Trust me it eats up so much of your time with all the little gift applications, that eventually you burn out.

Just wanted to say thanks for reading along and your comments basically kept me company while I was away, waiting for all the hard stuff to be done with. My little son opened up his eyes one night and looked at me and my heart was lost forever....

Jen Anderson said...

I'll accept FB requests from anyone who I'm sure I actually knew at one point. I may hide them from my live feed if their status updates don't interest me, but I've had some contact with people I would otherwise have never spoken to again thanks to FB (commenting on their status, etc).

I'll periodically look for more people to friend and remind them of my maiden name and how we know each other. So far only one person has asked repeatedly how we know each other and I just dropped it.

I've never been rejected by a blogger. Feel free to send me a friend request--just use my email address to find it.

ZDub said...

I want to be Facebook friends, Zakary Watson.

Set it up.