Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year OHN, and oh yeah, it's cancer.

Okay, so she wasn't quite that blunt, but it was still a shockerooo.

A few weeks ago, I went to have three "things" removed. The dermatologist felt that they were probably all nothing.


One of them came back as squam0us cell carcin0ma.

The really yucky, sucky bad part is, the location of the cancer.

Good gawd it is in the part of the body where the inner thigh connects to the heybaby. Yep. Bad enough to have one doc messing around down there, now I get another one who specializes in this type of thing.

I wouldn't have known it was there if it weren't for BigD. He was poking around down there.....looking to see if there was anything worth taking a little blue pill for.....and asked when I grew another eye, and that it was kinda creepin him out.

Just in case any of you think I am a floozie (is that a real word?), it is nothing transmitted via sex cooties.

So I went to the dermatologist, hoisted up the bloomers, spread like peanut butter, and she had a gander at the goods. This was the second dermatologist I went to see. The first took a look and said it was "nothing" and she wouldn't even remove it.

I am glad that I didn't listen to her, or I might be sitting here typing my obit rather than a post telling you ALL to check your WHOLE body (grab a mirror and spread 'em) for anything that you weren't born with (or were born with that looks different than it did a few weeks ago).

I always thought that skin cancer only happened when you were a sun goddess. Well, actually that does make sense as I AM a goddess. I have blue eyes, freckles, and used to have red hair, so I have sizzled with the best of them. BUT, this Squ. cell is not where the sun reaches. I can pretty much guarantee you that I have rarely, if ever, sunbathed bottomless with my legs in stirrups. (for you men that read this, I am not talking about a saddle).

On top of that, I am wearing a heart monitor for the next month because of the ER trip I posted about a week or so ago. Fun times folks. Fun times.

I feel like I am falling apart. Physically. ......... Mentally, that happened years ago.

I spent this morning with S3 while he had an MR.I on his shoulder that he trashed while "training" with a "coach" (really just a dad with delusions of higher things) for pre-pre season training for lacr0sse. We have our fingers crossed that it is a non-surgical injury and the MR.I will tell us that. As for this dad's training sessions....well, S3 won't be going back. Had I realized that this wasn't a school sanctioned training (he presented it as such) S3 wouldn't have been allowed to go to begin with.

In two weeks, I am taking S1 to the Clevel@and Clinic to see not one, not two, but three specialists. He is having two weeks of testing in one day. It's gonna be a long one! I pulled the mom card on this one. He was balking about going for all these tests, and I told him it was ALL I wanted for Christm@s. Peace of mind. I told him, the only thing it would cost him is having to spend a day with me and eat crappy hospital cafeteria food between appointments. Unbelievably, he agreed. We are very concerned about a genetic disorder, that I will detail further here, once the tests are done. The only thing that is bothering him....he knows they are going to ask about genetics (one of the specialists is a geneticist) and family. We have nothing. No info except his birth-father did have some relatives drop dead young. S1 HATES to have people make inquiries about his parentage because he is an analytical kid and not knowing background, doesn't fit into one of his neat little boxes.

I sounds like we are a bunch of sick, poorly constructed humans, and we really aren't. It just all seems to be happening at once.

So kinda suck.

2010....don't you dare start with me, or you will be in serious trouble mister.


Paige said...

well that is a hell of a thing. At least you are on top of the situation.


Yo-yo Mama said...

When it rains, it pours??

Anonymous said...

Consider me as the cavalry, and I have arrived. Squamous Cell is the type of cell that causes lung cancer. NO CONNECTION from YOUR end to the other than the name. I have it on my nose, Joe has it IN his nose.

I was told that mine was a wart. A year later, it was a "larger wart". A year later, and I had a different doctor.

Pucciola said...

Wow gosh!

First let me say that I am truly sorry that you got the short, shitty end of the stick. And that I hope your cancer was found early enough so that it wont be too much of a pain to get rid of for you.

Next, 2008/2009 have been shitty years for me health wise as well, and I'm only 22. I have hypothyroid disorder, where my thyroid doesnt produce enough hormones, then I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in Oct 2008, have been battling that since, and just before Christmas I found out that I have cysts on both my ovaries.

I got to have a nifty wand shoved up my "heybaby" (haha!) and the ultrasounds that you have to hold your pee really long. that was painful.

oh yea, and not to mention that i lost 25% of my hair over the summer before the doctors could realize what was going on.

so i hear ya. i dont really want anyone near my vajayjay for the next, i dunno, month?

Please take care of yourself :)

Athena said...

Bummer! How lucky your husband was "exploring" and found it. Good luck with whatever they have to do to treat it - wouldn't wish that on anyone!

Off to find a mirror and some privacy . . .