Friday, November 27, 2009


Because of my deep and undying love for all of you....I feel that I need to inform you about Mi.crosofts newest suckyouintoourworld shopping experience.

If you haven't done so already, do yourself a favor and go to (without the period after the b) and open an account. When you go through to do your shopping you will get cash back.

Yes people. Free money.

I just bought BigD's Christmas present, got it on sale, got free shipping, and got 15% of my purchase price back....thrown right into my pay.pal account.

As I have told you before, I am known for being cheap thrifty and won't give up until I know I have the best deal.

In case you were wondering what I got him, since he doesn't read this, or really know how to do anything online but play games and check email, I snagged for him something that will make him make a little discharge into his undies...or at least raise the flag.

We have an antique television in our bedroom. Since he simply cannot miss an episode of anything that has to do with investigating homicides, where M.ike Row.e (or as I call him-hottie) is making his latest mess, or those guys that find out if things are myths---or can you really blow up a car with tea leaves and vinegar.....I bought BigD a new (no refurb etc) T.oshiba H.D.T.V. 32 inches, more inputs and outputs and any other kind of puts you could ever need, full year warranty, and the list goes on and on.

Guess how much it cost me by the time I got my discounts, shipping and cash back???

$280 bucks.

Yeah baby.

It is a little more than what we typically spend on each other, but I think I know what he is getting me this year (I have dropped enough hints...for cripes sake, I did everything but take a staple gun and nail the ad to his forehead) and this tv will be a HUGE surprise.

(I am guessing he is going to get me a camera. I have bitched and moaned about my $59 ebay camera for about two years now. Every photo has a ghostly orb floating near the head of the persons picture I am taking--and thanks to Tina way up there in the frozen tundra...I even hinted as to the brand I want).

I mentioned before that I sprung for basketball tickets for the boys, so we will wrap up a little cash for each of them and they are done too.

Now I have to shop for the dogs and me.

Me you ask?

Hell yes. When else am I ever going to get such a great deal on a new sweater or maybe that 4 slice toaster I have my eye on today....originally $ $15.

Happy shopping gang..and check out for your online shopping. **

**I am not getting paid to tell you about them, but if someone from reads this and wants to pay me....feel free. **


Tina said...

I wonder if they ship to the frozen tundra?? :)

Ina in Alaska said...

I thought I lived in the frozen tundra...

Hoping to hear some puppy news....

denysmaco0l said...

nice post!!!!!
please visit me back...

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thanks friend...

Jade said...

Wow! What a great gift! And your husband and I like all of the same shows. Haha.

Thanks for all the support over on my page. It is much appreciated and so is the tip!

Neverbeen2NYC said...

I like the ads for Bing. They're funny. I don't really do much shopping online.

Do you have any suggestions about places to visit in NYC? I am going for a few days in January.