Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thank you all

for your kind comments and emails. Cosmo did wake up the next morning, after sleeping between BigD and I all night, with us keeping a hand on him to make sure we would know if he started seizing.

We dodged the HUGE bullet of sudden death, now we have to just follow up on his liver, through blood work, to make sure there isn't permanent damage.

S3, is so relieved that I can't even express it in words. He adores Cosmo and the thought that he would have something to do with hurting him, was more than he could bear.

He is 15, and is somewhat typical of a 15 year old boy....farts are funny, LOUD farts are hysterical, girls are now hot and not gross, he eats from the time he gets home from school until he passes out, after hours on f@cebook and texting (after homework of course, yeah, right) but unlike most 15 year olds, he actually LIKES hanging out at home and most of the time I hear about weekend parties from other parents. Don't get me wrong S3 is very popular, he is just very selective about who he spends time with. A few of the guys on his teams have gotten into trouble (caught drinking, smoking weed, TP'ing houses...things that I think are pretty common in that age group) and he doesn't want any part of it.

He has a goal. His strongest desire is to attend the US Na.val A.cademy. Now, between you and me...he doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of getting in. His grades are good, not outstanding. He is kind and caring, but his actual volunteerism is scant. He is athletic, but not the star of the team. You get the idea.

I think it is wonderful that he has the dream, and I would NEVER let him know that it probably isn't within his reach, because it is keeping him focused. Trust me, when the times comes for college, he will be just as happy at normal university and he will have avoided a rocky high-school experience. I am ALL for that!P> He also watches his brothers. Every time they talk about someone that is in trouble for something stupid, S3 is listening and absorbing. Now, S1 and S2 are not angels. They have luckily avoided serious problems, but have done their share of partying, and rowdy behaviors....and continue to do so...but they keep it from S3. Having been his age not too long ago, they know the temptations and peer pressure he is under and are outstanding at lying directing him away from some of the temptations and telling him to be true to himself and not cave to peer pressure.

All of the boys are completely different. If I had to put one or two words together to describe each one, it would be tough, but would probably look something like this..

S1---BRILLIANT and focused (as I have said before...he is freakishly smart, and literally has a photographic memory)

S2---FUNNY (he needs to be on a stage somewhere..he would be rich) and laid back.

S3---KIND and sometimes maybe a little quiet.

So, again, thanks for all of your notes about Cosmo. I am glad that all of you said you would make sure your other friends were aware. The only way people will know about this is if they are told. It is such a new finding that there are vets that aren't very informed.

Oh, and wait till you read my next post. It has to do with S2 and the psychotic girls he attracts. You won't believe it!


Tina said...

I'm waiting!! And freezing up here!

My Aimless Infatuation said...

So so glad Cosmo is alright,I had been waiting for you to update. S3........sounds perfect to me.Ok,on to the chick

Sitting In Silence said...

Oh Ohn...I am so happy that he is still ok...Thinking of you all xoxo

Demeter said...

I am glad cosmo is fine now. That substance does not fit well in my stomach either. I totally understand your feelings towards you dog. When I had mine, she was like family and her loss was a great one indeed. She died of kidney complications at 9 years old. I had a Shih Tzuh. I can't wait to read the story of your son's girlfriends....LOL

Ina in Alaska said...

OMG (re Cosmo) We don't chew gum at our house but I will be SURE to tell my friends with dogs about this!! Scary!! xoxo

Unknown Mami said...

So happy to hear Cosmo is doing alright.

Gaston Studio said...

Sooooo glad Cosmo is still with you!!

preppyplayer said...

You have an award on my blog :)

Jody said...

I had no idea about the gum. I am so freaking glad that I read your post and I am so very happy your dog is ok!!!

Dr. Deb said...

Wow, such great news.

Anonymous said...

S3 breaks the mold where kids are concerned and I'm happy that you're experiencing the love of child AND fur-child.

Having said that, in JOE'S and MY situation a relationship with a loving dog out-distances one with an ungrateful child ANY day.

At least we're not bitter. lol

Anonymous said...

p.s. I'm putting you on my BLOGGER'S BLOCK immediately. (an oversite on my part)

Mrs4444 said...

Sorry to hear there was a big scare with your dog; I hope it all works out.

You're blessed to have three great boys. It's also great that you know it :)