Saturday, December 26, 2009

No puppy and I am an ungrateful bitch

It wasn't even on BigD's radar. Christmas morning I asked him when the puppy would be delivered and he gave me that blank stare that I have known and loved forever.

It never crossed his mind.

Even with the hint/suggestion that was given to him. (I think "God, I would love one of those puppies!!!" is a fairly significant hint) .

He said "really? you thought I might get you one of the puppies?"

What he got me........

v v v v v


Yep. Can't tell you the last time I left my town for anything. The town I have lived in for 30 years.

He was so excited to give it to me. I seriously had to concentrate to not have the "why in the hell would you get me a GPS?" look on my face. I was able to pull it off.

He has no idea I am here being an ungrateful bitch complaining about a gift. I mean, how horrid am I?????

He was beaming, thinking it was the best gift ever.

For those of you that are thinking 'he probably wanted one for himself'.....he has one.

The only time I have left my town in the last year, we were together so we used his.

Now we have 2.

For a couple that 99% of the time is together when go anywhere in a 30 mile radius of our home.

I wanted a puppy or a camera.

Think he would notice if I traded the GPS for a camera, and stuck it to the windshield whenever I went anywhere?

See...I told you I was an ungrateful bitch. BUT, he doesn't know it, because I wouldn't have the heart to burst his perfect gift bubble.

On the flip side....S3 told me this was his "favorite Christmas ever". S1 and S2 were equally thrilled. (If you remember, we gave them tickets to the C.leveland C.avaliers--fairly good seats and they each got 2 tickets so they can take a friend). I filled in with some necessities, undies, sox, a couple bathrobes (sorely needed!) and all were happy campers.

BigD got stuff for his man-cave, so all he needs now is something to prop his feet on and I will probably never see him again.

That's ok, if I ever need to go anywhere alone, I will have my own GPS to get me there, and his will be sitting in his car in case he ever leaves the man-cave.

Happy New Year from the ungrateful bitch.


~jill said...

go get your camera....tell him you need to take pictures of the puppy when it arrives.

Yo-yo Mama said...

Ebay (if you simply can't return it) and go get yourself a puppy.

preppyplayer said...

LOL! I was expecting an iphone. Every time the commercials came on I would see the entire family give me sideways glances,I figured they were all in on it... I figured wrong.
And, no one was more shocked ( and dismayed) than I and (probably you) to open the little box that I assumed was my beloved, long awaited iphone and to instead see a...GPS.
Maybe we should do a Thelma and Louise trip with a puppy in the back, you taking pics and I blogging on my iphone.

Was a GPS really needed? We also have one and I prefer google maps anyway.
Sign me up for the ungrateful bitch club.
It is too funny.

buffalodick said...

A sweater, a pair of jeans, the latest Jimmy Buffet CD, and a wireless thermometer for cooking.. You've seen my cooking- I've never used a probe in my life!

Pucciola said...

my boyfriend has his "man-cave" in our apartment, too. He has been adding onto it for 2 years now. It is now equipped with a desktop computer with 2 (count 'em, 2) screens, both are flatscreen, one is HD. A comfy chair, a recliner, a laptop, and he's trying to get me to let him have a tv in there. i had to put my foot down on that one, he would never come out again. ever.

awomanmyage said...

Uh, the GPS needs to go back and get your camera. You love it but you really need a camera.

dana said...

PICK OUT YOUR OWN PUPPY!!! He would probably bring home a guinea pig.