Thursday, September 14, 2006


Nobody can say that I wasn't incredibly stylish back in the day. If memory serves me right, after this photo was taken, I thought that my bangs were stupid and too short, so I cut them off..DUH--I said I was stylish not terribly intelligent. I can prove that right here...I was tagged yesterday by one mothers journey and I am not sure if this is something I need to ponder or I am required to give quick answers -kinda like Rorschach's ink blot anyway, here goes: 1. limb---i still have 4 that work. 2. sand -is still in my sandals from our trip to California in July. 3. satisfaction-what I will feel if I land this new account tomorrow. 4. divine--laying in the hammock with a book and anything chocolate.These were instant responses...if I had more time I could come up with some delightfully obscene responses but it is late and I have been working since 6 this morning so the naughty retorts will have to wait till I am feeling more clever. By the way, anyone reading this keep your fingers crossed--I really really want this new client--it could mean the difference between buying the cheap crappy ass toilet paper or the really good soft stuff. More tomorrow.


One Mother's Journey said...

I've got everything crossed but my legs...LOL

I wouldn't wish sandpaper crotch on anyone. Good luck.

OHN said...

Thanks one mother :)