Saturday, September 02, 2006

A woman's life

I sat down here two hours ago to write a quick blog and saw that my wireless mouse needed new batteries. As I was walking out into the kitchen to get new batteries, I noticed that the breakfast ham was still sitting on the counter so I stopped to put it away. But, before putting it away I thought I would make hubby a quick breakfast (he was sleeping earlier) so I wouldn't have to get out all the stuff again an hour from now. I cooked him breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen and heard a dog barking. I looked at the clock and realized it had been about 4 hours since I had let the neighbors dog out (dog sitting for the weekend) so I threw on some shoes and went next door. I tossed the ball for awhile, fed him and put him back inside and came home. When I got back to my yard one of my employees was pulling in dropping off some extra work she had done and we talked for a bit to get caught up. When I came into the house I made a pitstop in the bathroom and saw that it too was messy so I cleaned it up a bit and walked back to my office. Sat down. Remembered that I needed batteries for the mouse, which was my original reason for getting up in the first place. This is why it seems that I never get anything done but I am busy all the time. Ahhh-the life of a woman!


One Mother's Journey said...

As long as you eventually get back to the original task, I believe you can still call that multi-tasking!

Mel said...

That is exactly my life!

Wait Another Year said...

I am going back to read your older posts. I must say I am enjoying them so much! I love the way you write - very honest and so funny!

I have many of those crazy days too. There's always something that needs to be done and by the time you circle around, you realize you haven't done the first thing you intended to do! I just have to laugh at myself. I'm sure it will just get worse as the twins age and everyone accumulates more things in the house.