Saturday, November 07, 2009

Strange week and "Eddie" update

First the Eddie update.

He is awake and talking. (for those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, read my post from last weekend).

He has no memory of what happened, and in fact, when he woke up enough to realize he was in the hospital, the first thing he said was "why am I in the hospital, is my cancer back?". His father told him no, that he tried to kill himself....Eddie said he didn't believe him.....that he would never do that and Eddie asked "did you do it dad?" . There are many inconsistencies in this whole scenario....I can only hope that the investigation doesn't stop, because I have a sick feeling there is more to this than it appears.

Earlier this week, the mom called the school and asked if they could do anything about "kids talking" about the event. She told them the family is "embarrassed". When I first heard this...I thought surely she wasn't making this tragedy about her and her husband. But, it appears that her worry was what people would think of them as parents....not what help her son obviously needed. BigD thought I was being too hard on her, but I cannot imagine caring what people thought of ME when my child was hovering near death. If anything, I would hope it would open up dialogue at the school about reaching out for help when you need it. What I didn't post earlier in the week was that the detective that was on the scene that night, interviewing the father, said he has never seen a parent with such a LACK of emotion. He said it did not appear to be shock, just indifference.

Dad and Eddie were the only ones home at the time. He had told the detectives that he had been administering CPR, yet, after being released from the chin-up bar where he had hung himself with a belt, the father laid him down on the landing of the stairs, with his torso down over the first two steps. Also, when the paramedics removing his shirt at the scene, there was no evidence of any pinkish skin irritation on the chest, which would appear if CPR had taken place.

There are so many things about this event that just don't add up.

This whole week has been one strange thing after another. Bizarre calls at work, the military base shooting, the office shooting in, and the serial killer about 20 miles from here and just various odd happenings.

I went to bed last night at 8:00 because I was just drained..... and had a crazy crazy nightmare. It involved my mom, a police cruiser and my beagle. It is too weird to even type about, but it woke me up confused and shaken.

The moon must be in a very weird place right now.


Frau said...

Wow! That is some week. I hope eddie continues to recover and the investigation shows the truth. Have a great weekend.

Ina in Alaska said...

What a sad story. I am sure there is much more to this.

Athena said...

Well, it was a full moon earlier this week.

So sad about the whole Eddie situation. I wonder if contacting the school to voice concern about kids talking - maybe it's some strange way of dealing with grief? Certainly people do odd things when confronted with something they have no idea how to handle. That's giving the parents (using that term loosely) the benefit of the doubt.

I remember hearing a story about my dad. My mom was in the hospital having an operation for breast cancer (16 year survivor - hooray!), and he was at home suddenly obsessed with fixing the clothesline that had been listing to one side for 20+ years. He HAD to fix it right then and there. Very strange.

My Aimless Infatuation said...

God help this little boy,his statement was enough for me to know who done this. I hope they get him away from his(dad?)forever.

buffalodick said...

We all want answers immediately, but sometimes that is not possible..withold all judgement until the facts are in..
Remember, if this goes to court, some of the stuff you are writing here could end up getting you never know who is reading this stuff- sad , but true..

preppyplayer said...

Wow. I hope it is all sorted out and that Eddie receives the help he needs ( or intervention.)

I hope you have sweeter dreams too :)

Unknown Mami said...

Poor Eddie. Something is not right.

Anonymous said...

I have been chanting for Eddie, this poor child. It's no wonder the mum is worried about how they are being perceived. When you live with an alcoholic, shame, guilt, enabling is always in the picture. There are secrets that she's been hiding.

At a time like this, we can see how life can be so tenuous.