Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am making a prediction and rambling.

Remember I told you that I was feeling weak and losing my willpower about getting another pup?

No, I don't have one....BUT

I made up my mind that I didn't want one. I really wasn't sure I wanted to start all over with a puppy since my others are housebroken and have the calmness that comes with age.

Anyway, when I took my friend over to see the pups, I was relieved (sort of) that they only had 3 boy puppies left. All 4 females were spoken for. I had told myself that IF I got one, I wanted a female, because I am so completely outnumbered in this family by testosterone, and for Gods sake I needed a little estrogen support.

The pups owner told me at the time she was holding one of the females for a lady that wanted one, but her husband had said no. In the meantime, the husband called up the owner and told her he DID want one, but he was going to surprise his wife with it. For a fleeting second, I thought.....could I be that wife? Was that husband MY husband??

This lady would definitely be the kind to tell me that to my face, knowing full well it was me, but keeping it a secret. She would love to regale later, the story of how she told me about the lady getting a surprise, when in fact, it was me. I let that thought go and didn't really think much more about it. My friend did pick out one of the boy pups and is picking it up this coming Friday.

Then the other day, BigD and I had to end up at the same place, where one of last years pups goes to work with her owner....when I got there, he was holding one of the pups. The owner told me she had her dog AND the pup at work.(.her dog goes to work with her every day)...but she said she had the pup there because after work she was dropping it off at its new home.

There was something in her eyes that told me she was lying.....BigD was holding the puppy and looking at me the same way he has done in the past when he has lied to me.....yes, I know the look and that is a story for another day. I am thinking it was a setup and he wanted to see my reaction to holding the puppy and this lady would TOTALLY be the kind that would love to be in on this.

After all these years, I know when BigD is being evasive.

He asked if I wanted to hold the pup and I am telling you, that puppy breath about convinced me that I needed to stick that dog under my sweater and smuggle her home.

I later told BigD that it was good that they didn't have any of the females left because I would be on my way over there to bring one home.

He didn't say a 'you're nuts' or 'are you out of your mind?'.

Therein lies the reason I think he is surprising me with one. He most certainly doesn't hesitate to tell me he thinks I am wrong, AND he never hesitates to tell me I have a Noah complex, desiring my own ark.

Honestly....I can't decide if I want a surprise puppy or not.

I mean, I DO have a name picked out just in case, but I also don't think I will be disappointed if I am wrong.

The photo is of the puppy mommas first litter last year, but they all pretty much look like this. Have you seen a cuter face lately? Oh, and the mom and dad dog, they both belong to BigD's best buddy...guess I should have mentioned that connection earlier huh?

SO...for the prediction...I am guessing next weekend or possibly for Christmas, I will be "surprised" with a puppy. We shall see.

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Paige said...

ooh you are brave--I would be afraid to say all that out loud, in case I jinxed it.

I cant think of much better than a surprise puppy

Ina in Alaska said...

I bet your instincts are correct. This is so exciting!!!! I can't wait!! xoxo

Frau said...

I hope you are right..they are so cute. Keep us posted.

Gaston Studio said...

IMHO, no one should ever surprise anyone with an animal... but I'll make an exception in your case because I know you'll love it and take care of it! ;-))

preppyplayer said...

98zsou are soo getting one and I think you will be so happy about it too!
I vote for the female too.

Tina said...

Hmmm, I'd be torn on that one, but it does sound like he's getting you one.

Dodi said...

I think it would be a nice "surprise".... but only because I know you already want her. BTW... what is the name??

Unknown Mami said...

Now I want you to get the puppy.