Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WHAT? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving?

Why didn't anyone tell me????

I actually am going to have 4, yes people~4 days off IN A ROW. All of my clients offices are closed so OHN gets to sit at her computer, smellin stinky, eating pie, and getting caught up on blog reading.

Oh, and the new-old job? I love it. For those of you new, I worked at one of my clients offices for about 9 months and left for what I thought would be greener (as in cash) pastures....and when I quit that less than green-more like vomit brown, jobfromhell a couple months ago, on a Friday..that next Monday(3 days later) my old client called me up and asked if I would ever consider coming back. They had no idea that I had spent the weekend looking on M.onster and C.raigs list looking for some work.


This week, the manager looked at me, and smiled and said ---and this is a quote---"do you know how wonderful it is to have you back? " It could have made a girl cry.

It is sooo nice to be appreciated. She said I am the only one that has held that position that hasn't screwed up something significant enough that she had to scramble to fix it.

Too bad the doc is a solo practice or I would nudge for more bucks. The larger groups have more cash flow, but they are also more stressful and this job is so low stress it isn't even funny. The manager and I have a freakish ESP between us and I know what she needs before she says it...together we are unstoppable :)

So, I leave his office, come home to my office and continue to work, but I am such a good boss to me, that I give me as many breaks as me needs...and I don't dock me pay for having to pee. Yes, the other job docked me for a 2 minute pee break...they said I could go, but I had to make it up at the end of my shift. (Because of the way I was logged into their system, they knew when my fingers weren't flying across the keyboard. Assholes.

Also, no puppy yet. My next door friend picked theirs up last night and brought it over to shove that knife a little deeper into my heart. is the cutest puppy I have ever seen..EVER.

So folks, I will be eating tomorrow until my pants break. How about you?


Tina said...

I am thinking on taking a mental-health day from work. Maybe I'll do it, as it's not fair that I have to work and you're not. :)

Demeter said...

That puppy is adorable. I cannot resist those little faces. I am already planning on getting one for my kids once they are older. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day! Enjoy!

edenland said...

Mate, SO good about your new-old job. That is awesome. Cannot believe the docking of two minutes. Some people are such arseholes.

As for thanksgiving ... well, I'll google it. I know it's an American tradition close to Christmas, to do with some meal or something years ago. And being thankful for it. Is there a cherry tree story too? What about the smallpox blankets?

I'm seriously googling it now.

Love you, OHN. You are my Lonely Vagina of the Manor Mentor.


Frau said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Unknown Mami said...

That other job sounds awful! So glad you are back at the one you like.