Sunday, May 10, 2009

my tunes

The older boys left to go back to school, S3 is doing homework, BigD is working a job tonight sooooooooo......I have had a little free time, and now, for your listening pleasure, to my sidebar, I have added a list of songs that moved me in some fashion waaaayyyyy back in the day when I was a young, impressionable, naive, skinny, freckle faced, shrinking violet. I clicked on SimaG's blog earlier today, and saw that she had used this playlist site to make a, well, play list, so, I have spent the last 2 hours listening to clips of songs that have taken me back to the 1970's. High school and college baby! Holy shit. I didn't realize I had that many memories. If you need to know what memory a songs brings to me, feel free to ask , though the answer may shock you. BWAHAHAHAH

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Athena said...

Well crap. I can't spend my entire day listening to your playlist! I've got things to do! But no - I just keep listening and laughing and singing along (with headphones on, so my daughters are looking at me like I've got three heads).