Sunday, May 31, 2009

My name is OHN

And I am an addict. To the internet. That I haven't had for two days. I was so completely out of whack I was practically dizzy. SERIOUSLY people, what is wrong with me? I kept coming back to my office to "try one more time" to get online, only to be greeted with nothing. No snappy "you've got mail" guy, no blog reading, no etsy, woot or ebay. I thought I was going to have to up my meds to get through the day. I am off to get a new router now. I hardwired MY computer to the modem today (duh, I should have tried that 2 days ago instead of resetting, unplugging, replugging, obsessively wire checking.....) but S3 and BigD are without access, hence needing to get the new router....any suggestions from you?


Athena said...

My wireless card stopped working last week. I can't tell you how many times I tried "one more time" and got nothing but silence. Finally gave up on it being dead, and now have a 25' wire strewn across the den to my laptop. Can't afford a new card right now. I hate this.

Unfortunately, I have no suggestions:( but will keep checking back to see if anyone else does, since I'm in the same boat!

Dr. Deb said...

I know what you mean. I went away for a few days - without any tech gear. It was a long three days!

Ina in Alaska said...

Interesting. Our wireless network at home is also down. Hubby has tried resetting the router and we get online, then booted right off. I am typing this comment from my office computer because I am crazy without my internet at home too!!!! Our soon to be daughter in law, Amy, is coming to Anchorage on Friday and let's see if she can diagnose and fix our situation. Till then, I surreptitiously check my blog buddies while I am at work and guess what,,,, I am not getting any work done. This is utter madness!!!

Tina said...

That was me when we moved here, and again after the break in. I seriously had the shakes.

Michele said...

Hi. My name is Michele and I am an Internet and Blogging addict.
(Deep sigh, look around the room at all the others...)
When my loptop decided to become antiquated, and surfing the net and my blogs became the Word wide Wait, I went and bought a new cell phone that I can access the internet with. Over the Memorial Day weekend, I couldn't stay away from my blog and posted directly from my cell phone. I find myself checking the weather on it, bank balances, who sang what song... even using my phone to surf while I am waiting for a page to download on my old laptop.
Step One is admitting you have a problem. I guess am now on step two.
(Walk back to my seat, head hung in shame....)