Sunday, April 19, 2009


A random conversation happened this afternoon between a very approachable mom (that would be my part) and a very suddenly maturing son (that would be S3, who next month will be 14 1/2, not that he is counting down the months till he gets his temps or anything)~~~I was working in my office (yeah, I know, no shock there since my ass now is in the exact shape as my chair) and S3 wanders in with some "news": S3: Hey mom. Did you know that Vermont is trying to legalize sexting? ME: Uhhhh.....What? S3: Yeah, they are trying to make it so it is legal between 2 people. The only time it would be a crime is if someone forwarded it to a third person. ME: Do you know what sexting is? S3: Duh. It all started when a girl sent her ex-boyfriend pictures of herself naked showing him what he was missing and he sent it to a bunch of his friends. Oh, and it is a noun and is even in the dictionary now. (At this point I am thinking it is more a verb, but what the hell do I know?!) ME: You do know that it is a felony right? And that if you do it you can not only be prosecuted but have to spend the rest of your life as a sex offender right? S3: Yeah, I think the whole thing is stupid. Then he went back to the couch and flipped on espn. Then I wondered which part he thought was stupid, the sexting part or the felony part. I didn't have the nerve to ask him. When the hell did my little boy turn into someone who not only knows about sexting but strolls into my office to chat about it. I think life was simpler when I was his age and the only way we could communicate was with two cans and a string.


Ina J Offret said...

YIKES, no kidding!! I am glad my kids are grown and mostly gone!! We live in a crazy world today. I remember when I was growing up I was afraid to kiss a boy, thinking you could get pregnant from a KISS!!! I was sooooo clueless!!!

Scandalous Housewife said...

For me, conversations were easier when they involved my son trying to explain the intricate power structures of Pokemon battle.

Wait Another Year said...

Well! I learned something new today! I have not heard of that term. With all of my ongoing financial drama, I have not been watching or listening to much news, let alone t.v.

The good news is that he felt comfortable enough to bring that topic up with you. That is really cool.

From Here To Maternity said...

There is a fine line between love and hate, so when your true love decides to get even, guess who can end up on the net. I don't know if it should be a sex offence, but there should be some consequence to people who forward or post the pictures in malice. God only knows what's going to be out there when my daughter gets to be a teen.

Lorrie Veasey said...

LOL I agree! But then, that means we'd be blogging by carrier pigeon, so maybe I do like this new fangled technology.

Shawn said...

Wow! I'm so NOT looking forward to that conversation with my boys! Gah!

Thanks for stopping by and following me on my blog! You do know that this means I will love you forever right? Bwahahaha!

beagle said...


I just had a conversation with a mom who's 12 yr old is on an antibiotic for an infected stye in her eye and the school nurse advised the girl that she should look out for a yeast infection if she was on birth control.

My friend flipped out that they would have this conversation with her daughter in school (who is not on BC but it seems that is not so rare at 12 anymore?)

I'm not sure I am ready for parenting in this era!

Oh and to show how behidn the times I am I did not know that sexting was a word. (Though I had heard about the trend of sending naked pics around.)

Stephanie said...

Well at least he was talking to you about it...that says a lot about your relationship. Scary to think what will be going on when my son is a teenager (12 years from now!) Just crazy!

Michele said...

Yeah, I'm a little late in commenting here. I kinda fell behind in my blog reading, but yours is one of the top two I ALWAYS catch up on, no matter how far back I have to scroll!

Like some of the others said, be very happy that your son came to you and started the conversation. My youngest (19) would have had the conversation with me, forgetting I have tender virgin "mommy ears" and sprinkled the dialogue with slang and/or obscene words -- apologizing every time I gave her "The Look".
The older daughter (21) would not have a conversation with me about ANYTHING to do with sex, sexting, birth control, etc. Pretty much everything else, but not that. She about died when I gave her a sexy, slinky, silky nightgown to celebrate my grandsons birth. It was just us, alone, and she still about died. (Two weeks later, I called the house, she was not there, but the SIL answered and thanked me for the gift-- Heather would have killed him if she knew! LOL)

OK, this is long enough for a posting on my own blog... sorry!