Thursday, April 16, 2009

It is time once more for Mama Kat's Writer's Challenge. This week the prompts are: 1. If I sent you four hundred dollars today what is ONE thing you would spend it on and why. P.S. I want my change. 2. What are your kids talking about? 3. Tell us about a local news story that's all the buzz right now in your neck of the woods. 4. Share some blogging advice. 5. Tell us about that time at the playground when that thing happened. Ok... #1~~Lets see, I think I would probably buy a lot of little things instead of one thing, but since Mama Kat is forcing me to choose just one, I would say a cleaning service to come and dehair and dedogsnot my house. How many hours would 400 bucks buy?? #2~~S1, is talking about landing the perfect summer job, he is holding out for management :) S2, well today is his birthday and he is bitching that he is at school and not at home where his wonderful momma would cook for him. S3, wants to get his phone back. It was removed from his little texting fingers because he got a crappy math grade. He will get it back when he brings up the grade..(yeah, we ARE the parents from hell.) #3~~Our local hospital was just gobbled up by the Clevel@and Clinic. I can only hope they come in and sweep out all the asshole administrators that are currently there. One of them was a pervert when I worked there 20 years ago, and he still is. All I can say for the reason he hasn't been fired...he must have some pretty good dirt on the two administrators up the ladder from him. #4~~Go for it. I don't hold back and it is such a wonderful release of my scrambled brains. It can be fun, it can be cathartic, it can be very time consuming, but do it anyway. #5~~I had to think about this one for a minute. I haven't been on a playground for a long time. Suddenly, I remembered that in 7th grade (I had moved to a new town and this was a new school to me, where all the kids had been together since 1st grade...don't EVER do that to your kids, it sucks) and I was on the playground at recess. I had made ONE friend and she and I were just standing there watching the torturous kick ball game when I turned around and the cutest boy in the whole school (Mike Sampsel, where are you?) was running backwards and smashed into me. I was horrified and thrilled at the same time. As he was picking himself up off the ground he muttered something about me being in the way, but by then I was certain we would marry someday and our children would play on the same playground. God was I a dolt. Your turn.


Athena said...

Oh crap I forgot the prompts.

Athena said...

{ahem} OK. Got my notes with me now.

1. $400? I'd invest it in stocks and make millions and then pay off all of my kids' college tuition. HAH! For real? I think a spa day would be fun.

2. Oldest is talking about how much he's changed since going to Prague in January. Middle child is talking about how she drove all the way to her boyfriend's college by herself without any wrong turns today (big deal for her). Youngest is trying to figure out which medicine will unstuff her clogged sinuses. Allergies are a bitch in this part of the country. She's also singing a song (in French) from the play Hunchback of Notre Dame (not the Disney version) that they watched in French class today.

3. The schools just found out that they have to 'unpurchase' several thousands of dollars worth of stuff due to a shortage in funding from the state. Things they ALREADY bought! When will this ever end?

4. Write what you feel. Don't try and please everyone - that's impossible.

5. There is one single playground incident that happened when I was in second grade that will stand out in my mind clearly til the day I die. (Although I don't know why - just one of those events that gets seared into your brain and you can't unsear it).
We were playing a game, I think it was called 'statue', where you swing someone around and let them go. They then have to freeze as soon as they can. (At least that's how I remember it - it was many, many years ago and for all I know, we made it up on the spot that day.) Anyway, I was the one doing the swinging, and I swung (swang?) a boy around -
wait a second, let me tell you about this particular boy. He was a piano player whose mother dressed him in button down shirts and sweater vests every day and who wasn't exactly surrounded by friends, if you know what I mean - and kids were pretty cruel back in the day.
So to continue - I swung him around and I didn't hold back. I can be a little competitive sometimes. I sent him flying, and he fell down. No damage was done that I can remember.
BUT - later that day, his mother called my mother and I was in BIG trouble. Maybe he snagged his sweater vest or something, I don't know.
As an epilogue, that same guy asked me out on a date a year after I went to college and it was one of the most boring dates ever. (I lived in a small town.) So maybe that same incident is forever seared into his brain as well and he needed some closure? And I have NEVER told anyone that story until just now.

Phew. How cathartic was that?!