Thursday, January 01, 2009

Good morning 2009

So what was I doing when the big ball dropped you ask? I don't remember. I am fairly certain it involved some drool and some snoring. We did manage to go to dinner with all 3 boys before the two youngest scattered to "parties" (that were mediocre at best according to the report this morning). BigD and S1 had a rousing game of scrabble in the kitchen while polishing off the gift nuts we received. Me...well, I turned on my electric blanket (I promise I will be more 'green' conscious this year but I refuse to give up the blanket suckas).I cranked the blanket up to the sweat like a whore position, grabbed the remote which is usually ensconced tightly in BigD's grip and watched mindless television with my 2 doggies snuggled up beside me. It doesn't get better than that. I hope 2009 is the best of all years for all of you. I hope your wildest dreams come true, your jobs stays stable, your bank account grows and most importantly, you are surrounded by the people that you love.


Tina said...

Your News Years sounds a lot like mine, although mine involved watching "Don't Mess With the Zohan". I wouldn't recommend it. :)

beagle said...

Oh, Tina, that movie was HORRID!

OHN, Happy New Years to you and yours!!

Michele said...

I'm right beside you in the "Save the Electric Blankie" march! LOL
Have a Great New Year, OHN!

Deathstar said...

Here, here to the bank account growing! I love the idea of snuggling in bed with your doggies and watching TV. As a matter of fact, I did that (minus the dog :( and I had a horrid head cold, but other than that, I hear ya!