Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Global warming...my ass!

I really need to move. I recently discovered an island in the Caribbean named Barbuda. You must google images of this island. Go ahead, I'll wait. Someday I will live there and not here, where this morning the wind chill is 15 degrees BELOW zero. This isn't funny folks. I much prefer white sand to white snow. Ok, all you winter lovers, I think snow is beautiful, yes, I really do. If it could snow at about 72 degrees life would be great. I know I have been unusually quiet lately. I have been reading and commenting more than writing. I am in a bit of a funk. Do you ever have those times where you just feel overwhelmed by even the smallest task? I have been trying to pinpoint what the problem is, gnawing at me constantly in the back of every thought, and I think it basically all comes down to cash. I don't have enough. I was supposed to start my new job on December 1st but at that time we were in the middle of dealing with BigD's lung booger so I told them to go ahead and fill my position. Unbelievably they didn't. They held it open for me. FOR 4 WEEKS. Then I told them I just couldn't work the hours they wanted. It would take me away from S3 and all of his sports and activities that occurred between 3 pm and 8 pm and I would be working both Friday and Saturday evenings till 8. I would literally be clocking in as S3 walked in the door from school every day. As hard as it was to tell them no, I had to. I am too old to start working a grunt shift that keeps me from my family. I told them this on a Friday afternoon. On Monday they called and said they wanted me to stay with the company (this blew my mind because I hadn't even started and they were acting like I was an important part of their team) and offered me a day shift. Wow. I start this coming week and I will tell you, I can't wait to start having those paychecks deposited into my account. (I still have my regular clients but they are not enough to bring in my portion of the family chunk necessary for survival). I have a stack of bills from doctors, hospitals, college tuition x2, books, along with the usual insurance, house payments, property taxes, gas, electric, phone, etc etc etc. It will take me a very long time to get back into the position where I will be able to pay a bill when it arrives, but I have to believe that it will happen. (As a point of reference, I am known to be very frugal so we aren't talking about unnecessary expenditures here, no mani-pedi runs, no steak dinners out with friends etc. I have friends that ask me how I am able to make $1 last like $5....yes, at times I am sure they even call me cheap instead of frugal but hey, it's a talent I can't deny:) When I pay bills it feels so good to be able to cross that off the "to do" list and having them all sitting on my desk, piling up day by day, is very very stressful for me and makes me very distracted from anything joyful. AND I AM COLD. I AM NOT PLEASANT WHEN I AM COLD. So, all of you witty bloggers, keep blogging and posting your funny or thoughtful or ordinary posts and I will keep reading and escaping from my funk and for that I thank you. Love, Debbie Downer


preppyplayer said...

You are not a downer, you are a realist.
We are in the same boat-but I know it is temporary so I am able to deal with it. But, I get how you are feeling.
And, how flattering and affirmative that a company is willing to wait AND hire you on your terms!!!
Things are looking up!

From Here To Maternity said...

Oh I feel your pain, it was -42 (actual temp without the windchill)a few days ago and it's been in the -38 to -50c range for the past three weeks. Needless to say I want to strangle the weather man.

beagle said...

xo from my cold corner of the planet . . .


Lorrie Veasey said...

But you have left AWESOME COMMENTS sistah, that have been like little mini rays of sunshine!

All Will Be Well and
Good Things Are Going To Happen.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you need to come to California. We have been having weather in the 70's for the past 10 days or so and no, I don't live in Southern CA. I live in the mountains of Northern CA and we are loving it! Sorry for the brrr cold you folks are having

Athena said...

OHN, I love your blog! Followed your comment on my grammar blog and can't stop reading. I find myself giggling and agreeing with so much!

I too, have 2 college tuitions to pay, and sometimes wonder where the money will come from.

On a good note, it was 75 outside here today - benefits of living in the southern USA!