Thursday, August 27, 2009

High school

· I wrote this yesterday but because blogger was being a butt, it wouldn’t publish…so it is a day late but still true.

Well, it is official. My youngest child is in high school. Today was the first day and it went relatively well.

- He didn't end up face first in a toilet getting a swirly.

- He didn't end up face down in a garbage can in the cafeteria.

- He only "hates" one of his teachers (to be fair, most of the people in the world hate this would too).

- He didn't oversleep this morning.

- He doesn't have any homework tonight.

- And, he only has one more day till he has two days off. Not a bad gig.

- As for me, I have come to the conclusion that I really really really hate the company I am working for right now. On the up side, it has given me the push I need to get my company rolling again. At this other company, I can ask a very simple, direct question to three different supervisors and get three COMPLETELY different answers. There is absolutely no consistency to any of their policies or procedures and it drives me crazy. I hired on to work part-time, as I still have my own clients to consider. They offered me full time and I explained that I could only commit to 25 hours a week. This is the umpteenth week that they have sent out emails stating there is "mandatory extra hours" required for the weekend. HELLO?! I have a huge issue with this repetitive practice.

- Firstly, when you are hired in at 25 hours, they cannot expect you to do 39 (yeah, just under the full time cut off where they would have to pay benefits or an overtime pay differential) without something in your life losing family, or god forbid, blogging time.

- I asked them a few weeks ago if they were looking to add staff as I knew some girls that would love to pick up some extra hours. Their, we won't hire people that work anywhere else at the same time, *even in their off time. Well, now I know why....they want their staff to be available for MANDATORY hours that are not compensated in any additional manner, no pay differential, no time off for good behavior .

They apparently didn't read my application very closely because I CLEARLY stated that I have my own company and still work, picking up the excess from my girls, that I DON'T overwhelm (this could be why they have been with me over 10 years without one complaint..EVER).

*I wonder if they can tell us when to use the crapper too….oh, yeah, I forgot, if you leave the computer for a few minutes to go to the bathroom, you are required to make it up at the end of your shift…so a 3 minute potty break twice in a 5 hour shift equal a 5 hour, 6 minute shift. Assholes.

- When I wondered if I was just being whiny, and not playing well with others, I ran the scenario past several people and they were shocked I hadn't told them to sit on a fork by now.

- So, I am starting my cold calling, trying to beef up MY accounts so I can tell these biotches they won't have OHN to push around any more.


Anonymous said...

That is illegal. They are required to give you a fifteen minute break for every 4 hours that you work.

Deathstar said...

Mmmm, I think they used to call that slavery. You can do better.