Friday, August 28, 2009


I just realized I made my 300th post. See, I told you I had an opinion on everything.

So, to celebrate my 300th, I have decided to have my first ASK~OHN session. You ask. I will answer in an upcoming post.

You can ask ANYTHING..personal, serious, curious, whatever. You can send the questions to or you can ask them right here, right now. I will accept questions for a week.

C'mon, you know you have something you really want to know.


Tina said...

Where are you RIGHT now and what are you wearing. And why isn't there a post dedicated to the person who shared with you the secret of the spaces?? HMMMMMMMmmm?? hehe

greenchristine said...

I would like to know if you will consider coming to BlogHer in NY next year and being my roommate/partner in crime/drinking buddy for the weekend.

Parenthood For Me said...

What an accomplishment!