Monday, June 15, 2009

Where the hell do I live?

From the look of this piece in our town paper you would think that I live in the wilderness somewhere. I am actually 20 minutes from a major city that any of you would recognize. I did take he opportunity to scratch out the names of the streets, not because I think YOU are weird, it is the other guy, the one down your street, that may decide to track me down. You, well I would totally go out to lunch with you. Enjoy. (June 5th was an especially interesting day). click to enlarge


Comedy Writer Jerry Perisho said...

OHN, who will do the first "aggressive beaver" joke? It is not going to be me.

Dr. Deb said...

Funny and sad. I think I have similar stories in our paper too. Amazing what people say and do and what papers print!

Michele said...

You just gotta love "small town America" and their Police Blotters! Ours are very similar. Thanks for the laugh!

Sheryl said...

Your header picture makes me laugh every time I see it as well as the picture of your cat in the dryer.

Have a great day.

preppyplayer said...

First, I hope you are feeling better.
Second, how do you sleep at night?
Too much excitement!
And the crime level?
Well I would be scared, very scared, if I had people stealing library cards willy nilly where I live!
I can't even talk about the squealing of tires...I wonder if he got serious time for that?

Tina said...

LOOK OUT! A BEAVER!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Did I ever tell you I'm from a little town called Beaver Bank?

marta said...

Bwaa haa haa..Aggressive beaver!I bet that headline got a lot of men's attention... How disappointed they must have been.