Sunday, March 09, 2008

Snow day

I have been a very bad blogger. With the weather, the flu (yes, I had a flu shot but once again it was for the wrong strain,,,,I don't know why I even bother getting stuck with the needle). Anyway...I have let all three of you readers down by not droning on about my life.

So here goes. I live in the Ohio area that has been socked by snow. It is beautiful. Because we are inundated, I can't get my car out of the garage which is fine, since I feel crappy anyway and have no desire to go anywhere. Who cares if the family starves (it doesn't matter that we have a freezer and pantry full of food, they swear they will starve if I don't prepare it, which I have no intention of doing).

Lets week in review. Still no word from BIG OFFICE that they are going to replace me with has now been several weeks since they signed on the dotted line. We shall see how long it takes.

I took S2 to his chosen college for his orientation/class scheduling/dorm matching/etc day this week. Does anyone else think it is a bit strange that they are scheduling all his classes etc in March, when school doesn't start till the end of August? On the up side, because of his prompt attention he was able to snag classes that he wanted and none of them start before 1 pm. WOW. I want that schedule. During one of the presentations (they do this program for 50 kids every day, till they are all scheduled) they talked to us about how the kids come to college with their partying ways already well ingrained. Some of the parents looked bewildered and I feel sorry for them. They are in for a rude awakening. This is the same school that S1 is already attending and I can tell you from the bits and pieces that he tells me, any substance you choose for partying, is available everywhere on campus. In his dorm there is one room that is known for any kind of beer (hidden in the closet while the kids clothes are in a box under his bed), another room for hard liqueur, one for weed and yet another one for any prescription drug you want. These kids are all making money to pay for their education. Sad huh? Don't even get me started on college costs, because that is a post by itself. One thing I will tell you is that every student needs to fill out a FAF*SA form to determine how much grant money etc they are eligible for. The only thing I care to expound on regarding that form is that it is typical government bullshit-example, on pg 5 it asks for a number that is on pg 8 which would be fine but you can't figure out the number on pg 8 without filling out pg 5. Yeah, like I said bullshit.

Other than tearing my hair out yesterday filling out that form, having the flu, spending a day at college with S2, trying to do laundry without getting short of breath (certain it is due to the bug and not my expanding girth, commonly referred to in our house as "winter weight" that I wish would go away), and OH, I almost forgot....on Thursday we brought a dog home for Harley to meet. A volunteer rescue organization in our area saves dogs from our kill shelter and keeps them with volunteers till they find families, anyway they agreed to let us bring this little guy home for the afternoon to see how we liked him and how Harley did with him. We thought he was really cute but after a couple hours of him literally bouncing OVER Harley, we decided that he was a little too much energy so we are still looking for a dog for Harley. (And he was a little freaked out by the hyperness of the visitor so we will be looking for a more subtle friend:).

I thought for your viewing pleasure I would post a few pix for those of you that are living where you are snow free, so you could see what great times you are missing. (Yes, that was sarcastic-I would love to be living in a warm beachy area right now!)

This is out the kitchen window this morning....huge difference from the white-out conditions of yesterday!

Poor dog...too stupid to realize that he didn't go OUT that door so he can't come IN that door. I honestly think he would have sat there for hours-he is so sweet. When we yelled for him to come in through the garage where he went out, he came bounding around the corner with a look that could be interpreted as "hot damn! I figured it out".

In case you were worried about our laughing at our slightly stupid but adorable pup, this is what S2 did when he came in. Yeah, any dog that comes here, hits paydirt. (And NO my couch isnt must be the lighting, it is actually burgundy).

The end.


Colette said...

Hey girl! We got it here too, but not as bad as you! This flu is for the birds! I am still feeling like crap! Love the pcicture of the dog too! Hugs and blessings

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Our snow is finally melting and I only have to let the truck warm up for 1/2 hour before going out! Woo hoo! And, if I stand outside your door up to my knees in snow, can I come in and be tucked in on the pink couch? I'm sorry girl, that's the pinkest burgendy I've ever seen!

tz said...

The snow's melting here and we'll get into the 50's woo hoo, down right balmy!

hope you feel better soon! and Harly gets a playmate soon.

Deb said...

I saw some unbelievable pictures of the snowfall in your neck of the woods. Wow!!!

Hope you all thaw soon.

Sitting in Silence said...

Oh it looks beautiful. Had to laugh at the look on that Pup's face but...bless it's colds paw's...

Stephanie said...

The snow is beautiful for sure. I sometimes miss it not being in MN but yesterday was high 70's here in AZ so I got over missing the snow pretty quick! :)

Your sweet puppy dog is so cute. He looks as spoiled as my fur kid!

beagle said...

We did the flu here too . . . blech!

Love the puppy pictures!