Saturday, December 23, 2006

A funny link

Every Saturday morning I get a copy of an e-newletter that just cracks me up. It proves how many completely stupid people there are all over the place. If you are bored, check it out. It is free, no, I don't know the guy and have nothing to gain. I think we can all use a little chuckle now and then. I now have 3 hours to bake 6 dozen cookies, wrap 27 presents, clean the house, and go grocery shopping. I am woman, hear me roar. (for those of you that are waaay younger than me, that was a song long ago sung by a lady named Helen Reddy--I have no idea what ever happened to her). Bye for now~


Anonymous said...

Good luck baking, wrapping and shopping!

Beagle said...

I'm impressed if you got even one quarter of that done in three hours!!

I think I could EAT 6 dozen cookies in 3 hrs.