Wednesday, February 03, 2010

perfectly ordinary day

I am working on the follow-up post to the birth-fathers sudden appearance on my f.acebook. In the meantime, I wanted to post this link. To those of you that have children, you will be nodding your head. To those of you waiting for your children, it is a little bit of advice from those of us that have crossed over to being parents. (this may require a tissue for some of you) I can almost guarantee that you will be sending it on to your parents, or friends.


buffalodick said...

It requires nothing to be a birth father.. it requires a life time commitment to be a real father. Real men own up, without being asked.

Demeter said...

I loved the video you shared about motherhood. It made me teary eyed. Very true. Motherhood moments come and go, and time really flies, before you know it, it is all gone.

hope548 said...

My son is only 1 and yet I was crying at the end imagining him going off to college!

Athena said...


With my youngest just a year and half away from college, that video really hit home.

I jokingly tell people that I'll celebrate when the last one leaves the house. But not so much anymore. It will be so hard and so sad. To realize that a HUGE part of my life is over. For the last 22 years I've lived around my kids - doing everything she described. And next year it will all be over. And time to create a new 'ordinary day'.

I can't stop crying.

Thank you for that link.

Jody said...

ok I am a day late here but Facebook can blow your mind can't it.

oh and this line made me honest to god spit out my soda...

I almost deleted it thinking it was some dude creepin on old ladies with fbook's