Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yesterday was my birthday

.....and it completely sucked. When BigD was on his way out the door to go to work he noticed a note that S3 had written and left on my computer, for me to find when I got up, and BigD got a look on his face (the face I know better than he does) and while he verbally stated "OH, he beat me to it", he was thinking ...shit, I completely forgot to wish her a happy birthday so now I am pretending that I remembered. So I teasingly told him he was a liar and that he just forgot...I was SMILING...and my tone was fun...he turned around and huffed out the door PISSED AT ME because he forgot. Sometimes I just want to hold that pillow over his head a little longer than others. Then twice more through the day we had what started out as nice phone conversations that ended up with him hanging up pissed at ME and I had done nothing. Sometimes I just want to hold that pillow over his head a little longer than others. Things went downhill fast from there. We are still dealing with car issues, which drive me freaking insane as I hate anything automotive. As far as I am concerned if you have to pay 20fuckingthousand dollars for something you should NEVER have a problem with it. S1 called and his roommate completely bailed on him and left the moving of all the furniture to the storage unit (till the new place is ready two weeks from now) and the final cleaning. THe roomie has nothing at stake here, but if the place isn't sparkling I, ME, THE PERSON WHO MADE THE SECURITY DEPOSIT, won't get it back. So S1 is freaked, worried that I won't get my $500 back so I drove to his place with S2 who helped him move furniture to storage while the roomie was no where to be found. (they have to be out by Friday). I have to go back tomorrow with him to inspect the place and deal with the raving bitch of a manager that has cackled to me before that she loves to keep the security deposits. Yeah. She is a bucktoothed bitch and I am gonna take her down. We have the photos of the move in day and the place will look exactly the same when we are done. Then the bad birthday continued into today and has just been one big mess of phone calls, problems, family issues (I canceled my brothers visit and he is pissed and can't get it that I have too many things on my plate for a visit right now....remember he does nothing, no job, no hobby, no companion, nothing.. so delaying a visit till next week is NO big deal to him but helps me tremendously so wouldn't you think he would be considerate. Nope. He is a complete asshole. If we were not related I wouldn't even like him). Between trying to make sure BigD and the boys don't starve while I am in NYC THIS WEEKEND and making sure I have the important items I need to take, etc, along with dealing with a work supervisor that is making my life very difficult right now demanding HOURS of daily overtime (yoohoo...remember it is called part-time for a reason??) and too many things that I can't even go into right will be a miracle if I make it to New York with any sanity left. Honestly, I am so befuddled right now I can't even put together a coherent post. Sorry.


*mary* said...

Happy belated birthday. Hey, you can justify the fun, music and wine you should go out of your way to experience in NY this weekend by the sucky birthday you just had.

Ahhhh, what is with this misplaced aggression thing some people have? I've been on the business end of that, too.

And lastly, take that bucktoothed biatch DOWNNNN if she tries to keep your deposit!

eden said...

Why OHN. I do declare that you are a Leo.


That hubbie of yours! When's he going to learn?? (Never, I expect). Two more sleeps til New York mate .... celebrate in style with your homies. Leave them a batch of frozen pizzas.


Gil said...

Belated birthday greetings honey. And it sure sounds like a girls' weekend away in NY city is JUST WHAT YOU NEED right about now! Go and enjoy it to the fullest. And put all the rest of the crap right outta your head!

serenity said...

Happy Birthday (belated). And you know what? Screw 'em. They won't starve - they're big boys now and can make themselves a sandwich if they're hungry.

You go and enjoy your girls weekend. Sounds like you deserve it!


hope548 said...

I am sorry that your birthday sucked and hope that this weekend makes up for it. I hope your husband will make up for it too!

Neverbeen2NYC said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're birthday sucked. I agree that car problems are very frustrating. This is especially true as a college student. Luckily you will be able to enjoy a vacation in a few days.

Deathstar said...

Oh sorry, honey. Pretend you hear a nice Jamaican voice (no, I'm not Jamaican) saying hush, baby, hush, no worries now. Happy belated birthday, though I know it was far from that. Yeah, I'd probably leave them some frozen dinners (Hungry Man is always on sale) and say hello to NYC. Sometimes they just don't get it, one day out of 365 days, you'd think they'd make an effort, but whatever. You know they love you anyway. Don't take on any pissy feelings, guys get over things quickly. Treat yourself and let them miss you a bit. MY DH has his name on a pillow of his very own and one day.... Maegan said...

oh no ....that's no good! You should re-celebrate it this weekend.

Thank you so much for your comment and inspiring story's so interesting that you have both scenarios and love all your boys equally.

Michele said...

I just have to agree with everyone else that commented.
Have your b-day celebration in NYC, blow off the steam that is building up, and let the boys fend for themselves.
Happy belated Birthday, too!

DD said...


Belated, that is...and of course, minus one jerk-off of a husband. What a tool.

Sorry it's taken me so long to leave some wishes. My work has this thing about blogging while I'm "working". Asses.