Friday, July 24, 2009

Update on he said..she said

Wanna know what I know? Nothing. A big fat nothing. This police department in this village (not where I live, but neighboring) is an absolute JOKE! If I were the parents of this girl making the accusation, I would be so pissed. They have only interviewed 3 kids that where there that night and S3 was supposed to be interviewed yesterday and the officer was a no show. (I waited here all day---grrrr) Do they really think that these kids are going to remember tiny details about her actions or the look on her face or if she "seemed" upset. Hell, most of them don't remember what they had for breakfast and are clueless to details after about 5 minutes. Unfreakingbelievable! We are not even certain the police have even talked to the boy yet...though because of faceb00k and texting everyone on earth knows that the accusation has been made. I will update if and when S3 is ever interviewed. (Did I mention that he was sitting right next to the boy that is accused?? Don't you think it would be a tad important to talk to the kid sitting next to the alleged perpetrator??) Anyway, on to a different topic. I AM SO EXCITED THAT 7 DAYS FROM NOW I WILL BE PACKED AND READY TO GO TO NYC! We land there very early in the morning and are planning on not stopping till we fall over. We might be hooking up with a sweet blogger that is a NY'er. I will let you know what develops. I want to ask her first if it is ok that I talk about her :) I am still not sure what I am going to say when I call in "sick" that Saturday. Anybody have any good ideas? I am not good at lying, and am so grateful I can call and not have to see anyone face to face...I would end up telling them..."oh hell, I am not sick, I am going shopping"...then I would be looking for another job. This coming week my brother is coming for an overnight visit. It has been a looonnngg time since I talked about him, but I am sure I will have plenty to say once he leaves. He is hard to describe but extremely irritating to most that know him. (and he wonders why he is still single). The story about him is somewhere in my archives but since I never labeled anything. I have no clue where. In the biggest news of the week I have decided to get my fat, out of shape self, onto the treadmill that has become BigD's clothing depository. He is daily hanging things all over it. So I have been moving his clothes, revving that baby up and walking. It is easy to do if I have something on the DVR that I have passes the time much more quickly. An hour show is about 45 min without commercials (another reason I live my DVR) and I can do a couple of miles in one show. Off to a healthier me. I have been reading some bloggers that have had amazing weight losses 100+ pounds and if they can gather up the courage and stamina to do that, I can certainly lose the 30 (or 50 if I want to actually look good) with a little effort. Except for the food part. Somehow I have to get rid of my tastebuds, they are my downfall. Why the hell doesn't lettuce come in chocolate flavor? Ok, I am starting to ramble now. I will be back with any news.


Hit 40 said...

I believe it. I feel really bad about the whole situation. I stick by what I said. The parents really over reacted calling the cops.

Both kids will have a little bit of a reputation following them now which is just too bad. You just can't shake it in high school.

Michele said...

Hmmm, Chocolate lettuce? Gives a new meaning to Carmel Corn, huh? And how come sugar snap peas DON'T taste like sugar?!
Good luck with the getting in shape stuff! I hope you do better than I do, what with loosing 8lbs then gaining back 10!
And, finally, a good lie? How about "I stepped out the back door only to have a huge spider fall on me. I feaked out so bad, I fell off the step and twisted my wrist (or knee) so I am unable to type ( or insert any job here) for a day or two." Hey, I might just have to use this one myself.... LOL!

Ina in Alaska said...

So much in one post! Very positive feelings to you on your treadmill use!! It is much easier to walk when watching an enjoyable program or listening to some great music!!

Re missing work: How come you can't just say you are going out of town? You should work in our office-- NO ONE EVER gets fired! You have to either quit or murder someone to lose your job ..... show up, don't show up, scream at someone, play Solitaire all day on your computer, do personal errands during work, its all good there. I don't get it!!

Looking forward to your trip posts!! Have lots of fun!!!

Wait Another Year said...

Yes unbelievable how the police are handling it. I'd be pissed too if I was the mom of the girl.

Have a great time in NYC. I've always wanted to go there too. I'm sure you'll have a blast - can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Lol...I have the same problems with losing weight. I just love food too much. Darn taste buds are always in the way.

Deathstar said...

About the he said,she said situation - I have no idea what to say. Teenagers and drama go hand in hand, don't they?

As for an excuse - tell them it's female "troubles" and since you've had those, that's not entirely a lie. You have to go for a followup or you're on bed rest or something.