Sunday, March 08, 2009

Inappropriate for a religious day

But I had to share. Usually my brother sends me dumb emails that are degrading and disgusting and borderline on his perversion with boobs. Today, he finally sent me something that made me laugh. I have no idea how to get this so you can just click on it and it goes you will need to copy the stupid thing into your browser...I promise that extra 2 seconds of your time will be worth it :) (I scanned for viruses because of brothers boob perversion and this is free of cooties).


Sitting In Silence said...

LMAO @Cooties.....I so have to remember that word LMAO...

Athena said...

I couldn't see it :(

But I understand the brother emails - we must have the same brother!

Athena said...

Oops - nevermind, I found it! (water hole covered with leaves?)

Deathstar said...

you have to download his attachment. can't get it.

fresca said...

I followed a comment on a blog a few blogs back and arrived here, on your delightful blog, and thought maybe you still need to know how to create a live link? Or maybe someone's showed you? I was deeply grateful when someone showed me, so just in case:

It's easy and you obviously know what you're doing, but I will spell out all the steps because I am a computer dolt and needed them spelled out to me.

So, two ways:

1. Use the blogger icon that makes links live:

a) Along the top of the box we compose our Blogger posts in, there are a row of icons. Mine looks like, left to right:
b [bold]; i [italic]; and then an indecipherable greenish thing; quote marks [insets quote], etc.

b) Write in the composition box the title you want to be live, like "Funny Thing from Bro"
Select it (just run the curser over it and it will turn blue).

c) Then, while it's blue, hit that funny greenish icon and a box will pop up. Type the original url in that box, hit the "OK" button, and it will surround the title with a string of code that will magically make the title live!

2. Or, you can just type this html code directly into the text you are writing:

Type the Title You Want to Be a Live Link here between the wedgies.

So, empty that's:
For example:
Only Half NutsWhen you publish your post, the title will be a live link!

Happy Day!

fresca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fresca said...

This comment box will not let me write anything that looks like code--it just keeps saying "Your HTML cannot be accepted."

If you use the greeny icon, you can see the code that makes a live link, anyway--it's kinda handy to know, but optional.