Tuesday, March 17, 2009


New York's attorney general says AIG paid bonuses of $1 million or more each to 73 employees, including 11 who have left the company. This was the headline that just came through on my newsreel. I am so pissed I can hardly stand it. Those bastards. I wish them pestilence and death. Am I exaggerating? Not much. Here I work my ass off every day--working two jobs--to make enough to keep our family from defaulting on everything. Is anyone offering me a bailout? Is anyone tossing me a million dollar bonus. Fuck no. I have no idea how these people can justify these bonuses and sleep at night, knowing what is behind their blood money. I am betting they are laughing at the rest of us, as they sail away on their yachts, to their "other" island home, where the help will be waiting with an umbrella drink to enjoy while they add up their deposits in their checkbooks. I am not crying "oh poor me", I am SCREAMING..you bloodsuckers are screwing with the rest of us and getting away with it! How have we as a nation let this happen??? People, if you think this doesn't effect you, you are wrong...it effects all of us. How can AIG and all the others like them, do this? Do they not know that WE CAN SEE THEM..are they so powerful they are feeling omnipotent? Honestly, I am so upset right now, I could eat an entire chocolate cake. In under 10 seconds. BUT..I think to salvage my weight loss effort, I may send a few emails to my congressman and senator, to see if they have anything brilliant to say. Please join me in my outrage, belly up to the bar, and contact the representatives in your area and voice your outrage that we are being screwed, ever so unpleasantly, right up the wazoo.


*mary* said...

I know! I am so mad. I hope they are stopped before all that money is gone into offshore accounts, cocaine and hookers and such. Grrr.

(Lol, word verify is "yelly," which is how I feel about this subject. Maybe even screamy.)

preppyplayer said...

I could spit I am so incredulous. But, guaranteed there will tons of rationalizations and "reasons" of why these bonuses were paid.

marta said...

I thought bonuses were paid to reward growth and increased profits, (ie: good work). And to me that means if the company is in the toilet..NO BONUSES! Now they say these "bonuses" were written into their contracts. I say that means they were salaries! It's all a bunch of shit!

Deathstar said...

It's totally disgusting, immoral, and..... grrrrr - I totally agree with you! And what's sad, is that they really are laughing at the "little people".

Athena said...

There's nothing I can add that hasn't already been said.

My husband's company almost went into the toilet a few years ago (bad gambling investments by the owner). Did the government send them any money to 'bail' them out? No.They reorganized (unfortunately many innocents lost their jobs), rebuilt, scrimped (that hurt, but we survived), and clawed their way back to a healthy business model.

How can anyone receiving a bonus from AIG sleep at night?

Gotta hope for Karma, baby.

Sitting In Silence said...

That is pure madness....I'm with you !