Thursday, April 07, 2011

Newly marrieds??

You might want to click away. I certainly wouldn't want to be the one to rip that bloom off your rose and tell you that someday, you will realize that your now perfect husband, really never was perfect, and truly does not fart rainbows and unicorns.

I found myself having to take S3 to school this morning (car issues--don't get me started on that) and for most of the ride I was explaining to him (okay, so it was more of a rant) that before he gets married he should go buy and do everything he thinks he will ever want to buy and do..because once he is married you have another person in your life that thinks they are allowed to have an opinion.

As you know over a year ago we started our kitchen re-do. I found the perfect granite in 15 minutes at the granite place. It took BigD over a month to decide that he picked it out and it was perfect. Next came the sink. Then lord-help-me the light fixtures. I found all of them and it took him weeks to decide they were perfect.

When I see something I like, I know it. I don't need to think about it twice. If I do, then it is obvious to me that I must not like it enough.

Which leads me to the kitchen table. Right now, we have our dining room table in the kitchen, and subsequently have an empty dining room. We only use the dining room when we are forced to host holiday feasts, other than that we are kitchen people.

BigD hates our dining room set. It was my grandmothers...and before you can say ewwwww, it must be dated, and old and isn't. It is old, but it is hand-carved oak and gorgeous. It is a small set, because people used to be smaller, ya know? So it fits in our kitchen but BigD hates it. Fine, lets get a new kitchen set. Simple huh?


I have been looking for months. I keep emailing possible sets to myself and showing them to him. He doesn't like any. He wants metal. Yes, I said metal. We have a kitchen, cracked walls, exposed brick, dark granite, dark brownish cast iron sink, cherry cabinets, new black/bronze hardware, black fridge, and yes, the light fixtures are a dark antique bronze (think powdercoat) with warm fluted inverted globes.Trust me, a metal table would not fit the vibe of the kitchen at all. I haven't seen any that aren't too small, or that don't have a glass top. If you knew my crowd, you would know that it would be easier to keep an elephant pen at the zoo cleaner than a glass top table in our kitchen.

Also, I want something that we can put a leaf in when all the boys and their girlfriends/spouses/et. al arrive for a meal. All the sets I see with metal are 4 chairs. So if you do the math, me, BigD and three sons, (not including their upcoming families), someone needs to sit on the floor. (I vote BigD). I found a very pretty set that was a combination of black and cherry (hmmmm, sounds like it would really look great in a kitchen with cherry cabinets and black hardware) and he said "that's not what I had in mind".

I am just so sick of all the crap. He made the statement last year that I had no opinion on the types of plantings he wants to do outside....that's HIS area. Well, fuck you very much.

Before you tell me to just go ahead and get what I want because the kitchen is MY area...note that he still is angry about something that happened (minor) 25 years ago and every chance he gets he brings it up. I am married to a child.

So, I decided this morning I am done. I won't look any more and next year I will be writing a post about BigD finding this lovely cherry and black set that would be perfect. Except by then, they won't be available.

I still swear, being a lesbian is the way to go.....if I didn't have to have sex with women.


Gil said...

Ha ha ha... don't you just love it how the men want their say, but they can't figure out what they want in the first place?! Seriously. Bunch of yahoos...

I know that eventually you'll get what you want. From your description of the kitchen, metal wouldn't work at all. Nuh uh. I like the sound of the black and cherry though! Stick to your guns. Quietly though. He'll soon realize that he doesn't really have anything "right" in mind and thus what you have in your mind will work perfectly! :)

Tina said...

Your kitchen sounds beautiful. You husband sounds like an ass. :)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Yes! How many of us would be lesbians if it weren't for the sex part? Although foreplay would be a snap; all we'd have to say is, "Cute shoes!"

Anonymous said...

Why not, I'm pretty hot! AHAHAHAH! This is why we have no art on our walls. If it were left up to DH, we'd have nothing but if I suggest something, then all of a sudden, he's got an opinion.

What if you made Big D a bet - and put the dining room set on the line. Make sure he loses.